Friday, January 28, 2011

Blizzard Blog Hop 2011

The Blizzard blog hop is apparently a meet and greet for bloggers who cannot/are not going to a blogging conference called Blissdom.  I have no clue what this blissdom is but it sounds beautiful to me so I think I should probably go find out eventually :)

My blog/twitter friend Ann  Marie @ Household Diva 6 came up with the idea and is hosting the blog hop so get over there and write your own introduction to the blogging world! :)

If you want to know some more about me you can always check out my ABOUT post, or my About Me post. If you want to find out how I got introduced to this crazy blogging world there is always my First Post which is all about my husband wanting to join the Navy, something he decided not to do because of me moving for my job and us being apart and all sorts of other personal nonsense which eventually led to him not joining as planned.  However as my mother has always said we make plans and God laughs...and that is where we currently are.

So brief overview--
Hi I'm Shanon

I work for a non-profit foundation that provides money for programming and scholarships to a sorority. 

I love my husband dearly.
I'm not good at keeping my identity secret so I quit trying.

My twitter name is @shanonrenee
I have two beautiful puppies who are spoiled rotten.

My worst habit is biting my nails

I can put together a reasonable budget like no ones business, just don't expect me to follow it

The main reason I can't follow a budget is because if I save $5 on groceries I think that means I can spend $5 on my nails :)

I'm slowly learning what it means to be an adult and am currently going through some growing pains that will be revealed over the next couple of months so if you like suspense this may be the perfect blog for you

I'm much better at keeping up with/updating twitter than I am at updating my blog

I live my life in 140 character time spans :)

I just completed my application for an MBA program!

I have some amazing friends

I've met two Blog/twitter friends IRL (THIS IS A LINK!)

And this is my life! :)


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Nice to meet you. You have a beautiful family. Good luck with the MBA.

Julie said...

Glad you are doing the blog hop too :) Good Luck with the MBA :)

bigguysmama said...

I'm a life long nail biter also. Still learning about being an adult and I've legally been one for a LONG time. I try to talk to my boss in 140 characters because he says I use too many words. =) Good luck in the MBA dept!

~Mimi @ Woven by Words #224 at the blog hop

FallonElla said...

I bit my nails FOREVER and recently stopped in the last year with MUCH effort... I still catch myself in the act though lol. Nice to 'meet' you and looking forward to following a fellow blizzardbloghopper!

Mira said...

Girl, I feel you when you say "The main reason I can't follow a budget is because if I save $5 on groceries I think that means I can spend $5 on my nails". LOL

Hi! I found your blog via Bloghop. :)

Alison @ One Lucky Monkey said...

Hey! Loved reading your blog hop post and I LOVE the suspense:-)

Sespi said...

Hello! I love that I made your blog post :) And I bite my nails too... nothing has worked to make me stop, but I'm always trying.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Shannon! I'm stopping by from the bloghop and congrats on finishing your MBA app!