Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, Phoenix...

Phoenix was a blast! It was a lot of hard work and I didn't get NEARLY enough sleep but it was a ton of fun. I met a lot of really neat ladies who are Phi Mus and we had some amazing speakers.  The Fraternity had Debbie Phelps come and speak (Shes a Phi Mu and her daughters were initiated at convention!) at one of the luncheons and she seemed really nice but I didn't get to meet her.  Foundation had three really neat guests, all Phi Mu's as well. 

Cheri Griffin AKA Victoria Alexander-who writes historical romance novels-Was hillarious.  she was probably one of the nicest people ever.   She was very gracious and her talk about "Why fiction is almost always better than real life" was great.  I normally don't read romance novels but I have started "The Virgins Secret" which is her least favorite of her novels and am enjoying it so far.

Janet Woznaik (sp?) the wife of apple co-founder & DWTS star.  Was a very smart lady and was very nice.  Her talk during our business session was kind of an overview about enjoying your life.  She started out as a teacher and now works for Apple teaching people about technology.  She actually met her husband on a cruise because she was there to train Apple-geeks on a new software.  They seem to really love life and do a lot of great things for those less fortunate.  "To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand"  I was already addicted to my iPhone and I really want a mac but now I know that my next computer will be a mac because if the wife of the co-founder has the attitude that Janet does I know that he must as well and those are the kinds of people who I want to support even if they are already richer than I will ever be :)

Tammy Gentry-Have you ever seen those little conversation stones they sell at Christian book stores etc.  Well, Tammy stole the idea from a friend and started "Penny Stones".  In her defense she gave her friend the chance to join her and the friend said no thanks so Tammy started the business on her own.  She is an amazing woman and was SOOOO nice!   She developed a special Phi Mu edition so that chapters could use them to build better conversation skills for the real world, interviews, business settings, and yes, recruitment too :)  What an amazing idea!

We stayed at the Biltmore Resort in Phoenix and it was very nice.  Our beds were sooo comfortable!  We discovered a mexican resturant that was even better than the one Adam and I frequented on our honeymoon in San Antonio.  The pools were nice, one of them even had a waterslide! 

All in all I had a blast and I think I have FINALLY recovered from the lack of sleep!

Hope everyone who reads this (all 20 or so of you!) are doing well.  What have you been up to?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well crap...

I had a long post typed then got a text message and my phone didn't save it when I responded :( here are the highlights details tomorrow because it's bedtime...
July 4th went to Louisville, huge fireworks show, drank Boones Farm from a bottle like a white trash high school kid, tried yuengling (sp?) beer and liked it.

Week of July 17 Worked Phi Mu National Convention in Phoenix. It was exhausting but a total blast. Missed Adam and izzy like crazy may have gotten a bit bitchy by the end because of it.

July 23 turned a quarter of a century old had DQ ice cream cake it was yummy. Adam just bought me princess edition silly bands as a birthday present because I did in fact turn 7 not 25. We are going to Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow because we both have the day off to pick out my creme brûlée torch which I am super stoked about :)

Currently-Adam just downloaded an app to his iPhone where you type in words and the phone reads them out loud so a robot just told me I'm hot and asked "wanna do it" he is having way too much fun with that thing. He just asked permission to make the bed via robot voice I may have to restrict it's usage.

Night all that's the highlights :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am a horrible blogger

I promise to get back in the habbit soon...really...I swear...

Today I am a quarter of a century old...Happy Birthday to me!  I'm looking forward to my DQ icecream cake tonight :)  Hopefully my gift to myself will be ready so Adam and I can go to Louisville this weekend and get the bug :)  I promise to give a real update of the crazy month I have had tomorrow while Adam is at work.

Hugs and Kisses!