Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well crap...

I had a long post typed then got a text message and my phone didn't save it when I responded :( here are the highlights details tomorrow because it's bedtime...
July 4th went to Louisville, huge fireworks show, drank Boones Farm from a bottle like a white trash high school kid, tried yuengling (sp?) beer and liked it.

Week of July 17 Worked Phi Mu National Convention in Phoenix. It was exhausting but a total blast. Missed Adam and izzy like crazy may have gotten a bit bitchy by the end because of it.

July 23 turned a quarter of a century old had DQ ice cream cake it was yummy. Adam just bought me princess edition silly bands as a birthday present because I did in fact turn 7 not 25. We are going to Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow because we both have the day off to pick out my creme brûlée torch which I am super stoked about :)

Currently-Adam just downloaded an app to his iPhone where you type in words and the phone reads them out loud so a robot just told me I'm hot and asked "wanna do it" he is having way too much fun with that thing. He just asked permission to make the bed via robot voice I may have to restrict it's usage.

Night all that's the highlights :)

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Erica said...

Wish I had been able to enjoy your DQ ice cream cake with you. At least my car is now fixed! I want to see your Silly Bands when you come up! I'll have to come down and visit when I have a 3 day weekend sometime this fall. Might be cooler anyway. :-)

Want to go get some sushi when you're here Aug 6th? We can go for lunch if you want. I know you're busy!

That totally sounds like Adam. I would definitely restrict him from using that. Robots are not a turn on!