Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought I probably need to post about our amazing Thanksgiving dinner so I figure what better time than the present-the present being me sitting in the car waiting to leave for church because I had to bring Adam to work first and it's to late to go home but too early to head to church :)
Unfortunately I can't upload photos of our feast from the blogger app I have on my iPhone but if you follow me on twitter/are my friend on facebook then you probably saw the feast (ps my twitter username is @shanonrenee if you want to follow me, I'm a much better Tweep than blogger!) for those of you who haven't seen the picture use your imagination. And remember this was a meal for two!
A whole chicken rotisserie style courtesy of our amazing toaster oven.
Squash Casserole (I made way to much and it wasn't the recipe I wanted but Adam loved it so at least the leftovers are being eaten)
Regular dressing
Oyster dressing
Cranberry sauce
Glazed baby carrots
Asiago mashed potatoes (Amazing! Using the leftovers to make potato pancakes tonight!)
Corn casserole
Green beans
Sister Schubert's rolls
Pecan pie (The Pioneer Woman's recipe an the best Adams ever had!) with The Pioneer Woman's whiskey maple cream sauce (yummy!)
Pumpkin chiffon pie with rediwhip. I was going to make whipped cream, I LOVE homemade whipped cream but walmart was out of whipping cream and I forgot to get it at Kroger when I did my big shopping. At least rediwhip tastes good :)

Now off to church. Bye all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why are we afraid of the dark?

Watching a history channel documentary on why we are afraid of the dark...not sure I'll sleep very well tonight :)

In unrelated news, I was sick of turkey and really wanted Mexican so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and ate too many chips. I think I'm more stuffed than I was on Thanksgiving. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy food and such!

Today I an attempting to make the Pioneer Womans cheddar bacon onion biscuits and cinnamon rolls. I'm going to freeze both and make a few thanksgiving morning but the bulk will be for our trip to Gatlinburg in December with some great friends. I'll post pics and links to her recipe later when I'm not blogging from my phone. :). I'm also cleaning the apartment. My goal is to have it spotless for thanksgiving so we can get the Christmas decorations up. I'm making a final Kroger run tonight so I need to fund out if my BFF Melissa is coming to GA for turkey day :) she drinks milk...lots of milk...I throw away milk so I never buy it so I need to know if I should invest in a gallon of milk for the weekend--I hope the answer is yes :).

When do you decorate for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am a horrible blogger

Please forgive me...

So I have been absolutely slammed at work but wanted to take a second to give everyone an update on my life :)  I know not everyone who follows my blog is on Twitter so you may have missed out on a huge scare!

Adam totaled his car last week :(  on Friday (Oct. 29) I was getting ready to get in the shower when my cell phone rang, he had just left for work and it was him so I thought maybe he had forgotten something and needed me to run to his store before I went to work.  I answer the phone and he says "don't get mad at me."  I think ok he bought breakfast at McD's or something, nope he totaled his car...and he "caused" the wreck.  He sneezed and didn't see the kid in front of him slam on his breaks so he hit the kid, who hit the car in front of him, who scratched the bumper of the car in front of her, so yep technically a 4 car pile-up (I am dreading seeing how much our insurance goes up!)

Luckily the only person injured at all was Adam and he is just a little banged up.  His neck still hurts a little big and he has a huge bruise on his shoulder from the seat belt but other than that he is back to normal. And since we had full coverage insurance we got some money from the insurance company--thank God!

Thursday (11/4) I took our new dog Jersey to the vet to be fixed.  I drove my Bug in the freezing cold rain over an hour since Adam had totaled the Callibur :(  it was not pleasant but not a huge deal.  Then Friday morning I went picked Jersey up, stopped at the State Farm claims office closest to were we live (YAY it was just 15 miles from the vet that was an hour away! Two birds, one stone) then after I picked up our almost $10K check (for the record he only paid 11K for the car, I think they gave us a fair valuation) I headed to the auto salvage yard to empty out the totaled car.  On the way to the junk yard the Bug died...just died, no reason...SOOOO I called a two truck, the Bug is now in the shop and I had to call enterprise and get a rental car for the weekend.  (for the record Chevy Aveo's are complete POS's.)

Saturday I went and scoped out cars then after finding a Dodge/Jeep/Etc. lot with a salesman I liked (and after visiting a Chevy lot with a great salesman but horrible sales manager who pissed me off so I left after starting my financing application) I picked up Adam at work and we bought a 2010 Dodge Charger with less than 30K miles (the reason I have no problem stating online how much $ the insurance company gave us is because it is not in the possession of Dodge!)  and we got the car for about 6K less than 2010 used Chargers are going for in this area because we had such a huge down payment.  It was glorious.

THEN we went back to Adam's work and his boss called and he had to go to a meeting on the other side of Atlanta on Monday morning...SO we decided to keep the rental car a few extra days...needless to say it was a hectic week for us with cars! Now I'm waiting to hear from the mechanic about the bug.  I'm hoping its just something silly like a dead alternator (FYI I know that it isn't a dead alternator)  I'll post pics of the new pretty car later!

Thanks for not giving up on me even tho I'm a horrible blogger :)