Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Promised Update

Sorry that I didn't get this done last night but you all know how life is!

SO  I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that all of you did as well.  Las week was a absolut whirlwind.  On Friday (Dec 18) We had our work Christmas Party.  It is amazing the things that people do when they have had a few too many drinks. 

These are the two other ladies who are in my office.  They really are great I'm lucky to have such great co-workers.

See the beautiful necklace & earrings I have on?  Hubby made them!  He gave them to me as an early Christmas present because he wanted me to be able to wear them to the party.  Here are some more pictures of the jewelry.

As far as Christmas itself goes on the 23rd my neice and nephew & their mom met us at a Texas Roadhouse to eat our Christmas Dinner and exchange presents.  It seems that I did a good job of picking presents :)
On Christmas eve we went to hubbys Aunt and Uncles house for dinner with his family.  My mom joined us.  When we got home hubby drove us out to Elizabethtown and we looked at Christmas Lights.    When we got back we opened presents with my mom. 
Look what Izzy got :)

She was hiding from my mom's dog pete and eating the snack bone thing that mom gave her.  She gave them each one but Pete completly scarfed his so Izzy hid in her princess tent :)
Christmas day Hubby and I drove to my grandparents and spend Christmas with my family.  We played bing and ate yummy food then we went to the park in my Grandma's town and looked at the Christmas lights there. 
On Saturday we drove from IL to Indianapolis and stayed with some friends, and on Sunday we went to see the Colts game.  I am not going to discuss the stupid decision to take Payton Manning out with out a real lead. It'll just tick me off again.  So here are some pictures instead.

(These guys were sitting in front of us)

The game was a lot of fun.  There was some chick at the other end of our row throw beer on the guy sitting behind her.  Both of them seemed pretty drunk but I'm not sure what exactly happened.  She was escorted out by security. 

In other news I received both of my blogger Christmas Exchange gifts.  Allison @ I heart Change sent me this beautiful Christmas ornament

I absolutely love it and so does hubby.  He thought it was really neat.  
Meanwhile Kathi @ The Seasons of this Girls Life sent me a cute set of bath stuff.  There was a bath poof with a travel pouch that will come very handy if I get back in the habbit of the Gym (I've been twice in two weeks!) and some yummy scented bath gel and lip gloss. 
Thank you both for the great gifts! 
Now that you are all updated, I also posted what little of my reading list for 2010 posted on my blog.  Now I think I'll head off to the gym for the third time in two weeks (go me!) then  get the house cleaned up and get everything ready for New Years Eve :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm alive, I promise

I hope that everyone had a merry christmas.  I'm sorry that I have been MIA but apparently having 2 weeks off of work makes it harder to blog since I'm not sitting in front of the computer all day.  I am however FINALLY caught up on everyones blogs and plan on sprucing up my blog this afternoon after running a few errands. 
For now this is just to let everyone know that I am in fact alive and that I had a wonderful Christmas.  I will post the details of my super crazy week last week this afternoon.  Right now I'm off to the gym then to lunch with my mommy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is the closing video from the play we went to on Tuesday.  I tried to upload the actual play but apparently since it is 21 minutes instead of 20 it won't load :(

*Video Removed for the safety of the kiddos at the request of one of the teachers*

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I knew I liked her...

I won something! I never win anything!

And the Winner is....from A Southern Belle & Her Officer by Southern Belle

SHANON from Life as a (Future) Navy Wife!!!!!!
Congrats, Shanon! Email me your mailing address, and I will have the Snuggie in the mail to you tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for was a lot of fun!.

Thanks Bethany!  I'll get my address to you today!

Problem Solved...

So I changed a couple of settings for comments on the blog and it appears as tho it is working now. Awesome!  

Last night hubby, DiverBoy's Wife and I went to see my friend lilshutterbug's kindergarteners Christmas play and it was adorable!  They based it on the story of the gingerbread man but it was the gingerbread kids!   Too Cute!!!!  I was going to post a video of it today but hubby had the cord to hook my camera up to the computer and I don't know where he put it.  SO tonight I will try to find it so that you can all enjoy the mass amounts of cuteness.

Friday is my company work party so hopefully I'll get at least one good picture of the new haircut for you all to see.  It really is a cute cut.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Comment problems...

So apparently people are having trouble commenting on my blog.  I recieved and email today from Allison at I heart change saying that she and Kathi were having trouble posting comments about the blogger gift exchange, and I know that my friend lilshutterbug couldn't comment when I started the blog, I don't know if she has tried since then or not...Does anyone know what the problem might be?  Has anyone else had trouble commenting? 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Shirts on Friday

I recieved an invitation this morning to participate in "red shirt fridays" on facebook to support the troops.  It sounds like a very good idea to me and I am going to participate.  I have copied the reasoning from the facebook group below and linked it to this post in case anyone else would want to participate.

you do so we can live the way we do.

Red Fridays.

Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the "silent majority." We are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for God, country, and home in record breaking numbers. We are not organized, boisterous or overbearing.

Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops. Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday -- and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that every red-blooded American who supports our men and women a far, will wear something red.

By word of mouth, press, TV -- let's make the United States on every Friday a sea of red, much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once "silent" majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

The first thing a soldier says when asked "What can we do to make things better for you?" is.. "We need your support and your prayers." Let's get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear something red every Friday.

PLEASE, invite your friends from school, church, or anywhere! Get your communities involved and tell everyone you know.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This makes me sad...

I am by no means a mega-Christian.  I long realized/decided that religious preferences are a personal choice and while my friends all know my views, I also know theirs.  One of my best friends in high school was/is a practicing witch (as in wicca, not the B word...) and our friendship worked/works because we respect each others personal views and are open to hearing about one anothers religions so long as our own views are not slammed.

That being said this really pisses me off and makes me want to cry.  I was amazed at the progress China was making towards becoming more religously diverse and in one move they have taken about a million steps backwards.China cracks down on Christian churches  I would feel the same way if they were doing this to any other religions affiliation.  I am so glad that I am luck enough to live in a country that allows me to worship whomever I choose in whatever manner I wish.

hair cut

I had all of my hair chopped off last night.  It is now in a super cute chin legnth bob.  I also won the tickets I wanted to get hubby to the colts game for christmas!   I'm so excited.  He is going to love it!   I feel like a complet bitch though.  Diver Boy's wife texted me last night to come watch the season finale of glee and I completly thought that there was another week left and couldn't go :(  Hopefully we'll get to go get dinner one night last week.  Finals are over and I don't have any more week night plans between now and Christmas.  I was hoping to hang out with her Sunday but she is going to Chicago to see Diver Boy (who can blame her there?)  I think that they find out when/if he is going to Pensacola this week so keep your fingers crossed for them!  I'm sure she is going crazy being stuck in Louisville with nothing really to do during the day and him being so far away. 

Pictures of the haircut will come soon, as in whenever I get around to taking them...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Give Away

Check out these adorable aprons!  agiveawayeveryday  is giving away a Flirty Apron and they are adorable!

Monday, December 7, 2009

50 book challenge...

I almost angel is having a 50 book challenge for 2010.  It looks like there aren't a lot of rules just that you read 50 books.  I have at least 25 books on my bookshelf that I want to read so I'm going to start there and I'm sure by the time I finish there will be at least 25 more books appear or that I have stolen from my mom's bookshelf.  If you're interested I have the button on my blog so that you can check it out.  My reading list will replace my Christmas list starting December 26th.

I know not everyone is like me...

*Disclaimer, this post is devided into 3 parts--Part one is me whining about stupid people, Part two is me going on and on about the Colts, Part three is the most important.  Happy Pearl Harbor Day, feel free to skip ahead to part three if the first two bore you, my feelings will not be hurt.

BUT...I was browsing through blogs today and realized something. Poor grammar annoys me. I know that when I write it is not eloquent and that my spelling leaves much to be desired but at least I proof read my posts before I hit that silly little publish button...
When a TWenTYsoMeTHUN ChIcKaDEE TyPeS lIkes ThIS how in the world am I supposed to understand what she is saying? It is bad enough when I am on facebook and the teenagers from the church I grew up in who I used to babysit post statuses that say OMG My LiFe Is OvEr I WoNt SeE my BFF 4Eva in reference to Christmas break but seriously, you’re an adult stop with the teeny-bobber logo…Needless to say I won’t be following either of the blogs I’m talking about above…
Another thing I realized today is that I get really annoyed by blogs where people use multiple cutsey-wootsey nicknames for their significant other. I understand using DH or Hubby, or Sweetie, or even Baby to refer to your SO in order to protect their identity but I read one post in which the girl used 10 different cutsey nicknames for her SO in ONE PARAGRAPH…once again her blog, I won’t judge but I also will not be following…
I know I’m not perfect and I know that it is none of my business if I don’t like the way that these girls choose to communicate to the blogosphere then thank the internets I don’t have to read them, but seriously…every single one of these ladies was an adult. I have noticed lately that I must be getting old because I have become more and more easily annoyed by my 20 something friends who still think that they are in college or even worse, high school. That is probably why these three ladies annoyed me so much today. Well that and the fact that I read the three of them back to back—stupid Google reader for suggesting them!
Ok…off my high horse…

GO COLTS! Way to tie the record last night. The game was amazing yesterday. These things all happened yesterday!
— Matching New England’s record, set from 2006-08, with a chance to break it next week at home against Denver. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was on Bill Belichick’s staff during the Patriots’ record run.
— Extending their own NFL record of consecutive 12-win seasons to seven.
— Remaining undefeated, the first time in league history two teams—New Orleans is also 12-0—have been unbeaten this late in the season.
— And tying the 1990s San Francisco 49ers for most wins in a decade (113), a mark they could also break against Denver.
— Chris Johnson ran for 100 yards in his seventh straight game, tying Earl Campbell’s franchise record, he finished with 113 yards and fell just short of a seventh straight 125-yard game, the Titans struggled in the red zone.
— Addai runs for a season-high 79 yards and two scores.
— Manning throws his 25th TD pass of the season, extending his NFL record to 12 straight seasons with 25 or more TD passes
Ummm yeah, so AMAZING game. Well played guys!
Now that I’m done raving about how amazing the Colts are I have to give it to Tennessee. There were two plays that if they would have gone slightly differently The Colts would have loss and I would have been very sad today. So, good job Tennessee, you played a good game, Indianapolis just played a little better.

Saving the most important thing about this post for last—Happy Pearl Harbor Day. I hope that everyone will take time today to remember the people who died at Pearl Harbor and all of the Men and Women who fought in WWII whether they were in Hawaii, Normandy, or here at home like Rosie the Riveter. Thank You.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

About me

I realized this week that I haven't really done any posts about me, I just sort of jumped into this is my life and started typing.  SOOOOOO Here are my answers to 100 questions about the survey is a little highschool and myspaceish but it was all I could come up with.

What's your name? Shanon but you can call me Nuclear Wife :)

Do you still attend school? I’m working on My masters Degree in International Studies

How tall are you? 5’5

Do you wish you were taller or shorter? Nope I’m good

Do you wear glasses/contacts? Both

What color is your hair? Blondish…except when I dye it otherwise

What color are your eyes? Blue

Your best physical feature: Eyes

Your best personality trait: I’m a good listener


Color? Pink and Blue

Non-alcoholic drink? Diet Coke or Sweet Tea

Food? Strawberries

Genre of music? I like lots of music

Band? I can’t pick just one

Singer? When I was little it was Dolly Parton

Movie? Mama Mia

Actor? Katharine Heigel

Television show? Charmed or Dr Who

Current song? Again Cant pick just one

Concert you've attended? Since I’ve only attended one real concert it would have to be N*SYNC…

School project you've done? Process study of Glassworks of Louisville Glassblowing

Place to be? The Ocean

Book? Currently “The Nazi Officers Wife”

Person to be with? My Hubby

Flower? Pink Carnation or Surprise Lilly

Website? Facebook

Ice cream flavor? Vanilla bean

Pizza topping? Veggies

State? Kentucky

Country? USA

Culture? White Bread American???

Religion? Christian

Politician? Democrat?

U.S. President? Obama

Language? English/German

School subject? German

Accent? English

Moment in History? The shot that was heard around the world

Thing about Blogger Meeting new friends

This or That

Eat or drink? Juice

Watch a movie or T.V.? TV

Books or magazines? Books

Color or black & white films? Color

Cell phone or camera? Cell Phone

Rock or Rap? Rock

Country or folk rock? Country

Alternative or Indie? Indie

Rap or hip-hop? Hip Hop

Screamo or metal? Metal

Guitar or bass? Guitar

Drums or Piano? Piano

Water or soda? Water

Pizza or hamburgers? Pizza

Love or money? Love

God or the Buddha? God

War or creation? Creation

Meat or vegetables? Vegetables

Life or death? Life


What's your favorite genre of music? Why? I already answered this question…

If you could play any instrument, which would you chose? Why? Piano better, or violin

Would say music is an important part of your life? Yes

Have you ever seen your favorite band/singer in concert? No

If so, did you get to meet them after the show? NA

Have you ever been to a concert? How many? One real one quite a few small ones

Do you play any intruments? Piano

Last song you listened to: Whatever was on the radio this am

Does this song have any meaning to you? Apparently not


Last movie you watched: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Did you think this movie was good? Yes

Did it make you laugh at all? Yes

Favorite quote from a movie: Why is the rum always gone? Oh, that’s why…

Does this quote have any meaning to you? Nope it’s just funny.

If you had to be in a movie, what would the movie be about? Comedy

What's your favorite movie? Why? Boondock Saints 2 currently

Favorite movie character? Cinderella


What's your favorite book? Why? Right now it is The Nazi Officers Wife it is an amazing memoir about a Jewish woman who married a Nazi Officer and hid under their noses

What's your favorite magazine? Why? Cosmo, it’s entertaining

Do you enjoy reading? Yes

Favorite quote from a book: Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn

Does this quote have any meaning to you? Nope it just cracks me up

Are you subscribed to any magazines? Which? Cosmo and Glamor

Favorite book character? Emma (Jane Austen)

Favorite book genre? Classic chick lit (Jane Austen), Historical Fiction, Chick Lit

What kinds of magazines do you like to read? Fashion and Trashy Chick Mags


Who is your best friend? My bridesmaids and Sarah and Kelly…Bestest is probably Melissa though

Do you trust this person a 100%? Yes to all of them

Do you have a lot of friends? Do you think that matters? I have a few very close friends and a lot of people who I like to hang out. I think having a couple of good friends you can fully trust is important

Do you still live with your parents? Nope I’m married and we have our own home that I bought right after I graduated from college

Do you have any siblings? What are their names? Yes a half brother that I only claim when I am asked directly

Were you adopted? Nope

Are you a twin? Nope

Do your parents/guardians like all of your friends? Yes for the most part

Do your friends like your parents? Everyone likes my mom, everyone who knew him liked my dad.


What is your current relationship status? Married

Are you happy about that? Why or why not? Yes I love my husband he is wonderful

Do you need a significant other to be happy? nope

Have you ever been in love? I am in love right now 

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? Yes because it happens

Have you ever been kissed? Nope but I’m married…Yes I’ve been kissed

Do you want to get married? I am married

Do you like to keep your personal life private or spread it all around? Private…well as private as a public blog can be 

Have you ever had a broken heart? Is it healed now? Yes and yes


What is your favorite food? Strawberries

Favorite Italian dish: Minestrone soup

Favorite Mexican dish: Quesadilla

Do you like Chinese food? Yes

What's your favorite kind of soda? Diet coke

Hot or ice tea? Both

What is one thing you refuse to drink? Milk

You refuse to eat? Baby squid salad…they look so sad 

Best thing you've ever eaten: Sushi!!!!


What are some of your interests? Reading, Ballroom Dance

The person you have the most in common with: Erica

What do you like to do when your bored? Dance around the house 

Are you a fast typer? Yes

What is the weather like today? Are you enjoying it? I have no clue because my office is a cave and I haven’t seen the sun since 8:00 this morning

Are you excited for summer or would you rather be in school? Yay summer but I still have classes in the summer

Do you have a job? What is it? Yes I’m an accountant

What are your plans for the future? Finish my MLS degree, move to navy world, have lots of babies 

Do you believe Barack Obama will change things? He has the potential it’s possible

What type of mood are you in today? Sleepy

Do you write on an online blog? Does it get a lot of hits? Yep that’s what this is for…I have no clue how many hits I get…

Would you consider yourself an interesting person? Not really an interesting person but I’m fun 

What do you plan on doing after this survey? Finish my day at work, go to class, do presentation, go watch Glee with Sarah 

Do you like the movie "Finding Nemo"? Yeah it was a cute movie

Do you make jewelry? I’ve made it before yeah…but I don’t regularly

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hubs update

Hubby went today to meet with his recruiter and see where we stand on the weight/measurements issue.  He is currently 2% body fat too high, this is less than 2 inchers around his waist.  So my house is going into insane unhealthy diet mode for the next two weeks in hopes of losing the 2 inches before the Navy entry processing people go on vacation until January.  It looks like everything should be turned in on time for him to officially enter the DEP and start MEPS January 3 (or is it 5, whichever) and given the way he has lost all the weight so far (did I mention that he ate an entire gallon of nacho cheese this month?) I don't think 2 inches is going to be a problem...