Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Promised Update

Sorry that I didn't get this done last night but you all know how life is!

SO  I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that all of you did as well.  Las week was a absolut whirlwind.  On Friday (Dec 18) We had our work Christmas Party.  It is amazing the things that people do when they have had a few too many drinks. 

These are the two other ladies who are in my office.  They really are great I'm lucky to have such great co-workers.

See the beautiful necklace & earrings I have on?  Hubby made them!  He gave them to me as an early Christmas present because he wanted me to be able to wear them to the party.  Here are some more pictures of the jewelry.

As far as Christmas itself goes on the 23rd my neice and nephew & their mom met us at a Texas Roadhouse to eat our Christmas Dinner and exchange presents.  It seems that I did a good job of picking presents :)
On Christmas eve we went to hubbys Aunt and Uncles house for dinner with his family.  My mom joined us.  When we got home hubby drove us out to Elizabethtown and we looked at Christmas Lights.    When we got back we opened presents with my mom. 
Look what Izzy got :)

She was hiding from my mom's dog pete and eating the snack bone thing that mom gave her.  She gave them each one but Pete completly scarfed his so Izzy hid in her princess tent :)
Christmas day Hubby and I drove to my grandparents and spend Christmas with my family.  We played bing and ate yummy food then we went to the park in my Grandma's town and looked at the Christmas lights there. 
On Saturday we drove from IL to Indianapolis and stayed with some friends, and on Sunday we went to see the Colts game.  I am not going to discuss the stupid decision to take Payton Manning out with out a real lead. It'll just tick me off again.  So here are some pictures instead.

(These guys were sitting in front of us)

The game was a lot of fun.  There was some chick at the other end of our row throw beer on the guy sitting behind her.  Both of them seemed pretty drunk but I'm not sure what exactly happened.  She was escorted out by security. 

In other news I received both of my blogger Christmas Exchange gifts.  Allison @ I heart Change sent me this beautiful Christmas ornament

I absolutely love it and so does hubby.  He thought it was really neat.  
Meanwhile Kathi @ The Seasons of this Girls Life sent me a cute set of bath stuff.  There was a bath poof with a travel pouch that will come very handy if I get back in the habbit of the Gym (I've been twice in two weeks!) and some yummy scented bath gel and lip gloss. 
Thank you both for the great gifts! 
Now that you are all updated, I also posted what little of my reading list for 2010 posted on my blog.  Now I think I'll head off to the gym for the third time in two weeks (go me!) then  get the house cleaned up and get everything ready for New Years Eve :)


Erica said...

A doggie princess tent? What has the world come to?

I want to see Izzy in her Snuggie.

Erica said...

Oh yeah, do you need me to bring anything for NYE?

Nuclear Wife said...

Hey Rica--If you could bring my ladle back that would be great. and any Non-alcoholic drinks that you might want because while we are overstocked in the booze department I have exactly 2 2-liters of coke in the house. (I know, off balance for people who drink as little as we do)

Izzy will put on her snuggie for you tomorrow. She loves it.

Kathi said...

Hey there! I have been super busy so I wanted to scoot by here and say hello. I am glad that you got your gift from me! It sounds like you had an awesome holiday season! Oh, and your jewelry is really pretty that your hubby made. :)
check out my blog if you have time. I have something going on that you might be interested in participating in.
Have a good weekend!