Thursday, December 10, 2009

This makes me sad...

I am by no means a mega-Christian.  I long realized/decided that religious preferences are a personal choice and while my friends all know my views, I also know theirs.  One of my best friends in high school was/is a practicing witch (as in wicca, not the B word...) and our friendship worked/works because we respect each others personal views and are open to hearing about one anothers religions so long as our own views are not slammed.

That being said this really pisses me off and makes me want to cry.  I was amazed at the progress China was making towards becoming more religously diverse and in one move they have taken about a million steps backwards.China cracks down on Christian churches  I would feel the same way if they were doing this to any other religions affiliation.  I am so glad that I am luck enough to live in a country that allows me to worship whomever I choose in whatever manner I wish.

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