Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Problem Solved...

So I changed a couple of settings for comments on the blog and it appears as tho it is working now. Awesome!  

Last night hubby, DiverBoy's Wife and I went to see my friend lilshutterbug's kindergarteners Christmas play and it was adorable!  They based it on the story of the gingerbread man but it was the gingerbread kids!   Too Cute!!!!  I was going to post a video of it today but hubby had the cord to hook my camera up to the computer and I don't know where he put it.  SO tonight I will try to find it so that you can all enjoy the mass amounts of cuteness.

Friday is my company work party so hopefully I'll get at least one good picture of the new haircut for you all to see.  It really is a cute cut.


BainterJr said...

Yes, the new haircut is cute.
Chandler ?=^(
Louisville KY

Erica said...

You have a Twitter? Why don't you post that stuff on Facebook?!