Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giveaway! and life...

Have you entered my giveaway for a custom spa basket yet?  There have only been 8 entries so far so you should go enter your odds are pretty good!  Here is a link go check it out...Go on, I'll wait....

Have you entered yet??

No really, go enter~

Ok, now that that sillyness is taken care of.

I am super excited for Derby this weekend!  This time tommrow I will be curled up in bed with my husband.  I can't wait!

SOOOOO I apologize in advance if I disappear, I will try to keep up with everyones blogs and try to post some updates.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you Sunday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just curious...

Do you suscribe tp blogs then never read them? Not the blogs that are for entertainment only like "this is why your fat" or "the blog of unnecessary quotation marks" but real blogs by real people expressing their real feelings, hopes and dreams? I realized yesterday that I have a couple of blogs I follow where I will open the posts but not read what is written. This made mee feel horrible! So I herby vow if I suscribe to your blog unwilling read it from now on. (notice I didn't say I will read it in a timly manner!) I just get rushed to I skim the topics but don't actually read what is written. I'll do better I promise. And if you follow my blog I promise I will check yours out as soon as I notice I have a new follower (if you comment I'll notice faster!) and if you seem like a remotly interesting person (you read my blog you must be interesting!) I will suscribe to your blog and read it as well.
I'm also going to try and do a better job of commenting now that I have Internet at home and I can actually access your blogs and not just google reader!

So I'm off my soap box hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good day so far!


Ps don't forget ask me anything for my 100th post it's comming up fast!

And don't forget to enter my spa basket giveaway. There has been some confusion so to clarify you only have to answer one of the questions with your mandentory first entry but you can answer as many as you would like! The more I know the more I can customize!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Blog Layout!

I just couldn't wait any longer.   SO, instead of being in honor of my 100th blog post I have uploaded a new blog template/design in honor of my 95th post. Slightly early but close!  Please if you follow me in Google Reader visit my blog page and let me know what you think!

Also because I am getting so close to my 100th post I'm opening the question box, so ASK ME ANYTHING, I will probably answer it (I have very few lines that I won't cross!) in my 100th post.

Don't forget to go enter my giveaway for a custom spa basket!

Friday, April 23, 2010



Are you sure???

Ok if you say so...

I am giving one lucky winner a customized spa basket full of super great pamper me type stuff.  I would include a picture but I haven't put the spa basket together yet, because it is going to be customized. 

How to enter:
  • Mandatory: 1st entry follow my blog and comment on this post.  In your comment include: 1-favorite makeup brand, favorite bath product brand, favorite color, favorite candle type scent, favorite nail polish, and/or favorite perfume type sent.  (That's right I really am customizing this!)  I will contact the winner to find out about any allergies and for more exact details like color pallet etc.
  • Follow me on twitter and comment telling me you do so. @shanonrenee
  • Post a link to my giveaway in your blog, limit one per day.  Comment on this post with a link to your entry.  If you really want to win and decided to post an entry every day you can post one comment with multiple links to posts, you will still receive one entry per entry per day.  
  • Tweet about the giveaway and include a link to this post!  Limit one per day, same rules as with the blog post.
  • Post a link to this post on any other social networking type site (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.) and link to your post in the comments so that I can verify.  Limit one entry per other site.
Giveaway closes at midnight (EST) on  May 2nd, 2010 winners will be announced no later than midnight (EST) on May 4th.  (I expect to be worthless on Monday from my trip to watch the Kentucky Derby so I'm not going to commit to having the winners announced on Monday but I will try.)

Please include in every comment a link to some way for me to contact you, it can be a link to your blog, an email address or even your twitter name.  If there is no contact information included in your comment you will have until midnight on Saturday May 8th to contact me otherwise I will choose another winner.  Winners will be selected at random by Izzy...I'm not sure how but she will be picking the winner.

If during this giveaway I reach 75 or more followers of the blog OR 100 followers on twitter I will give a second-prize smaller spa basket.  I currently have 21 followers of the blog and 42 on twitter.  

Wow, hubby is right I am becoming a twitter whore...oh well I have met so many AMAZING people via this blog and twitter, it's only fair!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you ready???

I have finally figured out what my super awesome giveaway prize is going to be!  I have also scheduled a post with the prize and the rules to post this weekend so be ready for it!  You're going to want this prize!!!!

Now I'm going to try and figure out what I want my new blog design to look like and see if I am going to hire someone to do it or if I'm going to try and design the blog myself :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yay I have Internets now!!!!!!!! In hone of this super duper accomplishment I will be revealing a new blog design (as soon as I figure out what I want it to look like and find someone to do it) AND I will be having a givaway to be announced this weekend so stay tuned!!!!!

Derby tickets!!!

So I am thenproud owner of three tickets to the VIP area in the infield for derby. I didn't want to be in the infield but the VIP area has real restrooms that are cleaned and private betting windows and some other perks so I'm sure it will be fun. Now I just have to find my "I'm addicted to horse races and gamble too much" member card so that the betting will be even easier. :). I know it is packed here somewhere. Hubs doesn't know about the tickets I'm giving them to him for his birthday. Well I'm giving him one of them for his bday, the other two belong to me and lilshutterbug. :). I'm so excited and the best part is I already have a hat! And I think I know what dress I'm going to wear but I need to try it on first. I hope the weather is nice.

Monday, April 19, 2010


So for some reason today I decided that I need to go to the Kentucky Derby...thus I have been on eBay scooping out tickets and have decided on an exhorbantly high price limit. These will be hubbys bday/anniversary of us meeting/our first date/getting engaged present think he will go for it??? Me either that's why we aren't telling him until I get them. Even then I'll probably have then shipped either here or to a friend in Louisvilles house so that he won't find out until the last minute. Besides, I already have a hat!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Internets make me happy.

I will have the Internet on thursday. Yay!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No internets makes for a sad shanon

So that everyone knows I am in fact still alive and slowly making progress towards unpacking and having a liveable apartment. But I still don't have Internet and was hoping I would have at least one neighbor in my apartment dumb enough to have an unsecured network but alas I do not so all of my blog reading and updating is taking place via the iPhone. I like the app I downloaded to update with it works well and my only complaint is thumb cramps if the post is too long :). But I can only find one free app to read blogs from that I like even a little bit and I haven't figured out how to comment from it so if I suscribe to your blog and havnt been commenting know that I am reading I just can't figure out how to comment.
In other news that is far more interesting...I made a friend! A very nice girl who works for the fraternity side of Phi Mu (same building technically different business) is going to pick me up in the mornin for church so I don't have to walk into a room fill of strangers in the morning. And she's going to pick me up Tuesday night for the PTC phi mu alum chapter wine and cheese party Tuesday night so that I don't get lost trying to find it. Yay I have a friend!
I watched the entire first season of house today...needless to say not much else got done. I had planned to take advantage of the heated pool and maybe get some sun on my radioactive white legs but it never got over 70 degrees today so I chose lying in bed in my pjs until lunch over being productive...I deserved the day off right???
Izzy is adjusting well she has started stampeeding laps through the apartment just like she did our house, i'm sure the guys in the apartment downstairs loved that this morning. :). Now to switch over the load of laundry, read some blogs the. Off to bed for the night :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's official

I'm in Peachtree City... Hubs and my friend headed back to Louisville today. I like my apartment complex it is very pretty, the people seem nice and they have a dog park. Only two nights and izzy already knows how to get to the dog park she LOVES getting to run around without a leash.
Today is going to me a long day I'm going to need lots of good JuJu this week being alone for the first time pretty much ever. I've lived on my own before but I had friends in my apartment building then. Hopefully I will make friends here soon so I won't feel so silly. I have to be at work around noon and still have to go to my insurance agents office to sign the paperwork to move our auto insurance it's cheaper in GA! I'm all about saving every penny possible right now while we have a mortgage and rent to pay. Hopefully the house will sell fast once we get it on the market.
Welp time for a shower then off to start my day. I will start gettin caught up on everyone elses blog tonight I promise! There is an unsecured network somewhere in my building. Just good enough to load pages but can't really stream from it but it will work until I get my own Internet set up. I'm thinking about getting one of the flash drives that you can use anywhere anyone have any experience with these? Likes/dislikes?
Until later!