Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's official

I'm in Peachtree City... Hubs and my friend headed back to Louisville today. I like my apartment complex it is very pretty, the people seem nice and they have a dog park. Only two nights and izzy already knows how to get to the dog park she LOVES getting to run around without a leash.
Today is going to me a long day I'm going to need lots of good JuJu this week being alone for the first time pretty much ever. I've lived on my own before but I had friends in my apartment building then. Hopefully I will make friends here soon so I won't feel so silly. I have to be at work around noon and still have to go to my insurance agents office to sign the paperwork to move our auto insurance it's cheaper in GA! I'm all about saving every penny possible right now while we have a mortgage and rent to pay. Hopefully the house will sell fast once we get it on the market.
Welp time for a shower then off to start my day. I will start gettin caught up on everyone elses blog tonight I promise! There is an unsecured network somewhere in my building. Just good enough to load pages but can't really stream from it but it will work until I get my own Internet set up. I'm thinking about getting one of the flash drives that you can use anywhere anyone have any experience with these? Likes/dislikes?
Until later!


Jessica said...

Glad you are "offically" there. Good luck with getting settled and I am sure you will meet some new friends very soon =)
and YAY! for cheaper insurance !

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like where you're living!