Saturday, April 10, 2010

No internets makes for a sad shanon

So that everyone knows I am in fact still alive and slowly making progress towards unpacking and having a liveable apartment. But I still don't have Internet and was hoping I would have at least one neighbor in my apartment dumb enough to have an unsecured network but alas I do not so all of my blog reading and updating is taking place via the iPhone. I like the app I downloaded to update with it works well and my only complaint is thumb cramps if the post is too long :). But I can only find one free app to read blogs from that I like even a little bit and I haven't figured out how to comment from it so if I suscribe to your blog and havnt been commenting know that I am reading I just can't figure out how to comment.
In other news that is far more interesting...I made a friend! A very nice girl who works for the fraternity side of Phi Mu (same building technically different business) is going to pick me up in the mornin for church so I don't have to walk into a room fill of strangers in the morning. And she's going to pick me up Tuesday night for the PTC phi mu alum chapter wine and cheese party Tuesday night so that I don't get lost trying to find it. Yay I have a friend!
I watched the entire first season of house today...needless to say not much else got done. I had planned to take advantage of the heated pool and maybe get some sun on my radioactive white legs but it never got over 70 degrees today so I chose lying in bed in my pjs until lunch over being productive...I deserved the day off right???
Izzy is adjusting well she has started stampeeding laps through the apartment just like she did our house, i'm sure the guys in the apartment downstairs loved that this morning. :). Now to switch over the load of laundry, read some blogs the. Off to bed for the night :)


Erica said...

Go sit outside on your porch. You have a really low signal, but there was one. Unless those jerks locked their internets. :-(

Yes you deserved the day off. :-)

You have a friend, but I don't. Pooh. Come back home. You have lots of friends!

It definitely got above 70 degrees here! And, um, the pool is heated so does it really matter how cold it is outside? :-)

jenn said...

i hope all the unpacking goes well!!

i'm a new follower!!