Monday, November 30, 2009

Moral Dilemma...

Ok, so maybe not a moral dilemma, but a dilemma none the less...

I am a Colts Fan...

I have been a Colts fan for 24 years now...(ok maybe not 24 years but since I was old enough to be a fan...)  Granted this is because they are in Indianapolis and I spent the first 9 years of my life near there but still...Colts fan. 

As a Colts fan I do not like this guy or his team at all

Tonight these guys

Play these guys

This would not be a problem normally, however currently the Colts and the Saints are the only undefeated teams left in the NFL.  For this reason I would really like to see them be beat, however I am just simply not capable of cheering for New England...


Wild Turkey = Yummy

As promised here is the Thanksgiving weekend post...

Thursday was spent at hubby's aunt and uncles with his extended family. Dinner consisted of both domistic and wild turkey's and it was yummy! I made a super easy appetizer consisting of sesame seed breadsticks wrapped in bacon and baked (bacon--yummy!) and a warm pumpkin dip that was delicious.

After things started to wrap up at hubby's uncles (about the 4th quarter of the last football game) We headed back to Louisville and played with the puppy for a while and I started wrapping Christmas presents to take inventory of what we already have purchased and made a list of where we might find the best black Friday deals and who we still needed to buy gifts for.

Then we headed for MIDNIGHT BINGO!!!! (yes we are crazy...) It was so much fun. Midnight Bingo is so classy and white trash, if you have never been you must try it at least once, I've only been 2 or 3 times but it was a good way to stay awake and it let out at 3am, giving us just enought time to go home, eat a snack and head out for the crazy black friday deals. We mainly went to laugh at the idoits who were out shopping hard core but we did hit a few good deals. Around 9ish we got tired of shopping and headed to Cracker Barrel then went to the U of L game...I slept through the first half...and the hubs fell asleep once or twice too...we were a bit exhausted. Thank God that Kragthrope is gone...he isn't necessarily a bad coach, I think that on a college level the fact that the players liked him is EXTREAMLY important because at that point his job is as much to teach as it is to win, but if we're going to be opening up a bunch of new seats in the stadium next year we need a coach who can put butts in the seats. The game Friday about 1/2 the stadium looked empty to me, I'm not sure what the final count was though.

After the game we hit McDonalds for the glasses that they were giving away then (and for lunch) then headed home and slept for a couple of hours. We woke up around 8 and put up the Christmas Tree and played with the puppy then it was back to bed until about 10:00 Saturday morning.

Saturday we went to our churches Oyster dinner. I had a hot dog (I don't like oysters) and a super delicous slice of strawberry rubarb pie (I like food can you tell?) Then hubby and I went to walmart and returned our last 2 wedding presents.
Saturday night we decorated the tree and had a chill evening at home complete with leftovers for dinner :)

Yesterday was extreamly uneventful. Hubby wasn't feeling good so he slept most of the day and I wrote a paper. After I finished my paper I decided to start on the diaper cake I am making for a friends baby shower (they are so much fun and so easy! If anyone ever needs a baby shower gift I highly reccommend them!) but I was out of rubber bands so I needed to run to the store. When we left Kmart hubby turned away from our house and wouldn't tell me where we were going. I have the best husband in the world, he decided to surprise me with SUSHI for dinner. I heart sushi!!!!

All in all a great holiday weekend. Now just 3 more weeks of work and then Christmas Vacation!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More for me than anyone else

So I need to get my to-dos down and my computer hates me for some reason... Post about turkey day will come in he am. For now here is what needs done next week
finish month end
write happiness paper
revise food paper
answer happiness questions
MLS Monday
MLS presentation Wednesday (and last class!)
funeral visitaion tomorrow (a friends grandmother-a very nice lady bit I didn't know her very well. May be akward since friend is also my exs sister but she asked me to come and you don't break up with families right?)
finish wrapping presents
thank yous in mail
finish thank yous
start Christmas card list
finish wrapping presents
figure out what presents left to buy
murder mystery at mastersons? Can't remember when it is...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ummm...yeah so cheating is probably a bad idea...

I saw this today and am more than a bit concerned...

Navy says 13 on Truman cheated, were disciplined

Six months after catching more than a dozen sailors cheating on a written examination, Navy officials disclosed the incident that occurred aboard the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman.

It was the second time in less than a year that the nuclear department of a Norfolk-based carrier came under scrutiny for ethical lapses.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giveaway I want to win..

I love this type of makeup...I so want this!  The bragging Mommy is giving away a Mommy Makeover kit...ok so I'm not a mommy but I could totally use a makeover kit!

The MIL...

My mother in law is an really...I love her to death but sometimes she is just plain stupid...
Before you say to me "Nuclear Wife, be nice she is the woman who spent X hours in labor and 9 months carrying your husband.  She raised him as a single mom into the amazing man you love..."  Hear me out and I'm pretty sure that as far as doing stupid stuff goes this one is about a step below the idoits who get Darwin awards...

A bit of background--My MIL is a diabetic and has a strange heart problem that is rather common but only in patients with other heart problems...It's her only symptom...She was told some 15 years ago do XYZ or else you will be a very sick person...she did nothing.  about 10 years ago the doctors said ok do XYZ & A or you are going to end up as a very sick diabetic.  Eventually somewhere within the last 10 or so years she lost a lot of weight however she still hasn't done any of the other things the doctors told her to do and she doesn't eat the way she should or keep her sugar checked...needless to say today her diabetes is a bit out of hand.  This leads us to the idoiticy (thats right folks, ignoring the doctors isn't it!)

Thursday around 4:30 my hubby got a call from his sister that their mother was at the ER and she was busy asking if we could go over to the hospital and meet the MIL.  He said that we had some plans but we would head over after (we needed to return some wedding presents and had dinner plans with some friends)  MIL going to the hospital is old hat by now and as long as its the same story there was no reason for anyone to rush to the hospital.  One of us just needed to go to get her purse/car keys/clothes the stuff that they don't want you leaving in your room in the ER.  Well about the time we got to dinner (around 730ish) hubby's phone rings again.  Apparently his mother had been sitting in her car not wanting to go into the hospital and was now so sick she couldn't get out of the car to walk inside.  She also refused to honk her horn or anything to get attention because that would be embarassing (yeah cause sitting in the car in the ER PARKING LOT for three hours until you start to go into sugar shock isn't embarassing!)  and hubby's sister had called hospital security to go find her...Which was hard for them to do since she was laying down and wouldn't do anything to draw attention to herself.  SIL finally convinced MIL to turn on her flashers and security found her car and got her inside.  By now SIL was done with what she had to do so she went on to the hospital and hubby and I waited until Friday to head over there.  The best part about the looks like MIL has about a 50/50 shot at being out of the hospital in time to eat turkey, if she had gone in when she first got to the ER chances are she would have been out yesterday....ummmm yeah, idoit...

I understand not wanting to admit your sick and not wanting to go to the doctor, but not going in when you're already in the parking lot because you know that you are sick and need to go to the dr....??? I don't get it.

(PS MIL is recovering fine her sugar problem just postponed some of the tests that they wanted to run so they won't be able to do them until today/tomorrow and the results take at least 24 hours) 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures from Diver Boys Graduation Weekend...Video to follow when I can figure out how to upload it.

Izzy on the way to Chicago


Diver Boy's Ship

Diver Boy is in this picture :) (and no he isn't the idoit on the far right looking left during dress left...)

You can barely see Diver Boy's Eyebrows in this one...

Diver Boy and his Beautiful Wife

Diver Boy

Dunkin Donuts for Breakfast on Saturday of Liberty Weekend...
(can you tell DB got more sleep than his wife?  I could...)

On the phone with his recruiter...complaining about having to iron "Skivvies"

Izzy was happy to get to great grandpa and great grandmas house...
no more locked up in hotel for puppy!

Pretty Puppy with her toy

GRRRRR I"m scary...
(and for those of you with small children, yes that is a McD's toddler toy...
it was one of the stuffed bears they had 2 years ago...the only toy that has made it since I got Izzy.)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

The Mrs. at Trying Our Best is hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange.  GO THERE and sign up!  It sounds like so much fun :)

Housing Question...

DiverBoy's wife (who needs an alias other than DB's wife...I need to talk to her abou that...)  has been looking for housing in Pensacola.  He is there now and she will be following next month for the remainder of his A-school and some addtional training.  The problem is he could be there for as little as 3 months (or indefinetly) from my understanding...Do any of you have any suggestions for where she should look for Navy-friendly housing?  Websites etc. or anyone who has been stationed there have any suggestions on good apartment complexes? 


Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm so proud...

I finished my layout.  I like it alot and think it does a good job of reflecting my life and personality! :)

Change is in the air...

You will notice over the next few days some constant changes in the layout of my blog.  I have figured out what I want to do and how to do it however I don't really have the time necessary to do it all at once.  SOOOOOOO My goal is to have my new layout up and running by next Monday.  Bare with me until then and Monday (or when I announce it is done whichever comes first) let me know what you think about my bloggy-design awesomeness!  :)

I plan to post about Chicago after class complete with pictures so stay tuned :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Graduation--The readers digest version....actually make that the abbreviated rd version...

Diverboy’s graduation from boot camp was yesterday. It was a very nice ceremony and all of the men in his division looked very handsome. No I’m not being sexist and neither is the navy…he was in an 800 division which apparently means Seals, Swimmers like him and other such people all of whom either cannot be female or very seldom are, therefore his division was all male J Pictures and such will follow but I am currently at my grandparents house visiting and just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Pictures will follow J

Oh and on a side note…I dropped my phone in the toilet after graduation…so no I have an IPhone that doesn’t like to work…luckily for me Diverboy’s wife had brought his phone so that he could check his messages etc while on liberty…SO now I have DB’s phone for the drive home…I’m lucky to have such great friends but then again I did drive 5 hours for his graduation so I guess giving up the phone a day early is the least he could do J

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My first vacation as a married woman, without my husband!

Diver Boy graduates basic training tomorrow.  Sadly, Hubs can't get off of work so I'm driving to Chi-town by myself tonight with the puppy.  Izzy is very excited for the road trip.  After graduation etc. I"m going to go spend Saturday and Sunday with my grandparents who live about 2 hours south of Chicago.  It's going to be an exciting weekend.  We bought a new digital camera yesterday so I'm sure I will be taking LOTS of pictures!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I did it!!!!

I really did figure out how to design my blog!!! Yay go me for knowing enough HTML to follow the internet tutorials and edit a prexisting template to do what I want....  I still need to tweak this and find/design a header I like but let me know what you think about this layout can you read the color combinations ok? 

Let me know what you think!

Nuclear Wife

Monday, November 9, 2009

well i had a post about figuring out how to reformat my blog...I screwed it up trying to delet a comment...oh well...I think I figured it out...if not the amazing Southern Belle send me the contact info for the person who helped design hers which is AMAZING so I can always go that route :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fed Up...

I picked my current template/layout because it was cute and was something to get me through when I started this blog until I had time to find something I like better...I'm over the current one so I'm trying to figure out what I want.  Any suggestions?????????

Friday, November 6, 2009

my baby...

I found come today...this site might just get me in trouble...according to wedding pictures this is what our kids will look like...I'm not so sure about the little girls hair though, neither of us nor any of our family members have hair that dark...

Somethings in the air....

and it isn't Love...

First Fort Hood now this???  What are we comming to?

BREAKING NEWS: Several people reportedly injured in shooting at Orlando, Fla., high-rise

I'll take the good with the bad

First the bad to get it out of my system:
I was absolutly shocked to see the news about Fort Hood. We need to keep not only the injured and their families in our prayers but the entire community. This cannot possibly be an easy time for any of them. I hear all of the military wives talk about how worried they are when their husbands are deployed and how happy they are when they are home and safe. It is unsettling to think that we aren't always safe at home.

And the good.
Date night last night was great. Since it was a mystery shop I can't say where we went but I will be going back. I had ribs, hubby had prime rib. The steak melted in your mouth, literally no chewing required. It was amazing. Our check was over $100 to give you the idea of the level restaurant it was. I'll fill out a 30 minute survey for a $100 meal any time! After dinner we talked about going to see a move but opted out to go to bed early and I feel much better rested today! Yay for fun date night.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yes I am alive!!!!

I would like to apologize to the two people who actually read this thing for my prolonged absence...I'ave had a couple of very crazy weeks...

Last week was month end at work which always means extra work for me...however some intelligent person at our corporate office (and by intelligent I mean compleate dumbass!) decided to schedule all of the parks "we have great ideas on how to improve next year even tho you won't let us implement any of them even the ones that won't cost any money" meeting on Thursday...Thus taking away an entire day of my time that was needed for month close...I enjoy the meeting because it gives me a chance to catch up with my coworkers who are so crazy busy when the park is open all summer that I never see them, but I really would have rather it been this week, or next week would have been much better since this week was as crazy if not worse than last...

For Halloween the hubs and I went to French Lick and stayed at the resort.  They had a Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner Theater that was part of our package...If we had paid the $40 each to see the show we would have been very disappointed but since the package was only about $10 more than a regular night in the same room it wasn't a bad deal.  The weekend was great and we had some much needed us time.  We went swimming and lazed in the hot tub then went to the casino for a while where hubs found a new favorite game.  He says that the video poker there is set up in a way that makes it highly unlikely that the casino would have any reason to cheat he normally won't play video poker since you are playing against the casino thus giving the reason to rig the computers but at French Lick you are playing against other people at your tabel and there is one "dealer" (employee watching the game?) for four tabels but the casino has no hand in the actual game. 

Back to the murder mystery.  "Dinner" was heavy hour 'devours at best.  It looked like they opened up Real Simple Magazine and Martha Stewart Living for October and just made every recipe in the was cute and good but not what you would expect when they are marketing "dinner".  Especially since they normally have a meat and potatoes type buffett at their dinner theaters.  To top things off they had sold out of tickets but had extra room so someone decided to add more tables to the room so that they could sell more tickets...but they forgot to tell the kitchen manager about this so there wasn't enough food...OOPS! :)

The play itself wasn't bad but the who done it portion was a complete guess.  There weren't really any clues that would point to the guilty party...normally I wouldn't necessarily know tho the murder was but after it was revealed I would say "oh that makes sense...not this time! 

Over all a great weekend but a totally crappy theater experience.   The breakfast buffett is to die for tho!  It was delicious!

Sunday we went with Diver Boy's wife to Comedy Caravan and watched Steve Hofstetters improv show (anyone who likes Steve check out the CD from last years improve show in Louisville..."Lobster Girl" is Diver Boy's wife) :)  It feels good just to sit with friends and laugh...I love Comedy Caravan...we need to go more often. 

Monday was a pretty normal day but I was so exhausted by the time I got home from class (thanks Daylight extra hour of sleep for me I just stayed up later!) but we had no food in the house so Hubs and I went to Kroger.  I took my handy dandy coupon book with me and hubby went on a scavenger hunt trying to only buy items that were both on sale and we had a coupon for.  I had to veto a couple of his choices (if we won't use/eat it why are we buying it?) and over rule him when he didn't want me to buy anything that didn't fit both categories (sorry but we were out of eggs and the milk was going to expire on Tuesday...)  when we checked out and the total went from $250 to $120 he officially decided that going grocery shopping with coupons is more fun that watching football (as long as the Colts aren't playing) and that he wants me to make sure he can come every time I go on my "big" shopping trips.  It was fun but after I went home and made him put away the groceries, I was exhausted and went straight to bed.

Tuesday was good.  I had a lot of homework to do and a long day at work but it all went ok.  I didn't get to eat lunch until 3 (I had class at 4 and normally leave at 3 on those days) and barely made it to class on time.  then we went to dinner with my mom and went home to do homework.

Yesterday we were doing inventory at theme park world and the outside company we hired can't count.  they had over an 11% error rate so we kicked them out and we are going to have to do inventory again later when they learn how to count...Needless to say I ate my lunch in my car on my way to class last night, and my homework wasn't done...

Tonight is date night.  I have a mystery shop with a $150 spending limit...I love free date nights! :)  especially when they involve yummy food at expensive resturants I normally would be afraide to walk to close to for fear that they would take all of the money I have in my checking account for just walking in the door! :)

Finally Today:
Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot...