Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures from Diver Boys Graduation Weekend...Video to follow when I can figure out how to upload it.

Izzy on the way to Chicago


Diver Boy's Ship

Diver Boy is in this picture :) (and no he isn't the idoit on the far right looking left during dress left...)

You can barely see Diver Boy's Eyebrows in this one...

Diver Boy and his Beautiful Wife

Diver Boy

Dunkin Donuts for Breakfast on Saturday of Liberty Weekend...
(can you tell DB got more sleep than his wife?  I could...)

On the phone with his recruiter...complaining about having to iron "Skivvies"

Izzy was happy to get to great grandpa and great grandmas house...
no more locked up in hotel for puppy!

Pretty Puppy with her toy

GRRRRR I"m scary...
(and for those of you with small children, yes that is a McD's toddler toy...
it was one of the stuffed bears they had 2 years ago...the only toy that has made it since I got Izzy.)

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