Friday, November 6, 2009

I'll take the good with the bad

First the bad to get it out of my system:
I was absolutly shocked to see the news about Fort Hood. We need to keep not only the injured and their families in our prayers but the entire community. This cannot possibly be an easy time for any of them. I hear all of the military wives talk about how worried they are when their husbands are deployed and how happy they are when they are home and safe. It is unsettling to think that we aren't always safe at home.

And the good.
Date night last night was great. Since it was a mystery shop I can't say where we went but I will be going back. I had ribs, hubby had prime rib. The steak melted in your mouth, literally no chewing required. It was amazing. Our check was over $100 to give you the idea of the level restaurant it was. I'll fill out a 30 minute survey for a $100 meal any time! After dinner we talked about going to see a move but opted out to go to bed early and I feel much better rested today! Yay for fun date night.

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