Monday, November 30, 2009

Wild Turkey = Yummy

As promised here is the Thanksgiving weekend post...

Thursday was spent at hubby's aunt and uncles with his extended family. Dinner consisted of both domistic and wild turkey's and it was yummy! I made a super easy appetizer consisting of sesame seed breadsticks wrapped in bacon and baked (bacon--yummy!) and a warm pumpkin dip that was delicious.

After things started to wrap up at hubby's uncles (about the 4th quarter of the last football game) We headed back to Louisville and played with the puppy for a while and I started wrapping Christmas presents to take inventory of what we already have purchased and made a list of where we might find the best black Friday deals and who we still needed to buy gifts for.

Then we headed for MIDNIGHT BINGO!!!! (yes we are crazy...) It was so much fun. Midnight Bingo is so classy and white trash, if you have never been you must try it at least once, I've only been 2 or 3 times but it was a good way to stay awake and it let out at 3am, giving us just enought time to go home, eat a snack and head out for the crazy black friday deals. We mainly went to laugh at the idoits who were out shopping hard core but we did hit a few good deals. Around 9ish we got tired of shopping and headed to Cracker Barrel then went to the U of L game...I slept through the first half...and the hubs fell asleep once or twice too...we were a bit exhausted. Thank God that Kragthrope is gone...he isn't necessarily a bad coach, I think that on a college level the fact that the players liked him is EXTREAMLY important because at that point his job is as much to teach as it is to win, but if we're going to be opening up a bunch of new seats in the stadium next year we need a coach who can put butts in the seats. The game Friday about 1/2 the stadium looked empty to me, I'm not sure what the final count was though.

After the game we hit McDonalds for the glasses that they were giving away then (and for lunch) then headed home and slept for a couple of hours. We woke up around 8 and put up the Christmas Tree and played with the puppy then it was back to bed until about 10:00 Saturday morning.

Saturday we went to our churches Oyster dinner. I had a hot dog (I don't like oysters) and a super delicous slice of strawberry rubarb pie (I like food can you tell?) Then hubby and I went to walmart and returned our last 2 wedding presents.
Saturday night we decorated the tree and had a chill evening at home complete with leftovers for dinner :)

Yesterday was extreamly uneventful. Hubby wasn't feeling good so he slept most of the day and I wrote a paper. After I finished my paper I decided to start on the diaper cake I am making for a friends baby shower (they are so much fun and so easy! If anyone ever needs a baby shower gift I highly reccommend them!) but I was out of rubber bands so I needed to run to the store. When we left Kmart hubby turned away from our house and wouldn't tell me where we were going. I have the best husband in the world, he decided to surprise me with SUSHI for dinner. I heart sushi!!!!

All in all a great holiday weekend. Now just 3 more weeks of work and then Christmas Vacation!!!!!!!!

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