Saturday, November 14, 2009

Graduation--The readers digest version....actually make that the abbreviated rd version...

Diverboy’s graduation from boot camp was yesterday. It was a very nice ceremony and all of the men in his division looked very handsome. No I’m not being sexist and neither is the navy…he was in an 800 division which apparently means Seals, Swimmers like him and other such people all of whom either cannot be female or very seldom are, therefore his division was all male J Pictures and such will follow but I am currently at my grandparents house visiting and just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Pictures will follow J

Oh and on a side note…I dropped my phone in the toilet after graduation…so no I have an IPhone that doesn’t like to work…luckily for me Diverboy’s wife had brought his phone so that he could check his messages etc while on liberty…SO now I have DB’s phone for the drive home…I’m lucky to have such great friends but then again I did drive 5 hours for his graduation so I guess giving up the phone a day early is the least he could do J

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