Friday, October 28, 2011

Milspouse Friday Fill-In#63

Look at me being a team player and participating!   It has been forever!!!!

  • The best part of October was Getting to see my husband .

  • The worst part of October was The stress of working tons of hours and trying to find a job.

  • For Halloween, I’ll be Myself, driving from VA to GA.

  • I hope that in November  I will find a job I like in VA .

  • Wifey has posted MilSpouse Secret Santa. I  will  be participating and will buy my person the best present ever.
  • Thursday, October 27, 2011

    It's a good thing I love him.

    Some days I have to remind myself 100 times that I do in fact love my husband. Why do I have to do this?
    Because sometimes he can be extra annoying.
    Two nights this week he has called and woke me up. While I understand that this may happen when he is deployed to who knows where is whatever time zone it is not ok when he is safely in Virginia in the same time zone as me! (sorry I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep) he however thinks it's hilarious.
    So today he sends me an "I love you" text, I being my cranky, smart a$$, sleep deprived self responded with"I love you too even though you like to call me in the middle of the night and wake me up"
    What was my jerk of a husbands response? Was it I'm sorry or something sweet? Nope he said "it wasn't the middle of the night it was 12:03 it was only the beginning"
    Goodness I love that jerk.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    The job hunt

    How do you search for a job from 11 hours away?
    It seems I am being bombarded with advice, good advice, but irrelevant advice.

    1-Use your social network-ok that's great but my "friends" in the area I'm moving to don't actually know me IRL I'm not comfortable asking them to vouch for my skills and abilities that would be at best risky for them not to mention dishonest, I wouldn't be their friends if they were liars so why would I ask them to lie? (tho once again of you know of a job in Hampton Roads in accounting please let me know!)

    2-online job search sites, yep, great, using them. And my resume rocks but ya know what, online job aps are screened by HR people. Guess what HR peeps (generally) know about accounting, nothing. That means usually over qualified applicants that companies can't afford make it through the screening and people like me at the bottom of the experience pool (and therefore bottom of the salary range funny how that works!) don't get through even though we are kick-ass candidates!

    3-use a professional recruiter. Yep, done. Problem with headhunters is they only send your resume to their clients, but every potential job you want to apply for has to be ran past them just in case they already submitted you. Guess what I just waited 3 days to hear back, guess what else great job was taken down yesterday UGH!!!

    4-write a good cover letter...I'm not even going to roll my eyes at this one. It is by far the most important part of a job ap to me but believe me...I'm writing more than one, I have written 15 cover letters for the 16 jobs I've applied for in the past month. Yep I've got the cover letter thing down.

    So I ask again, how do you search for a job 10+ hours away. Really all sarcasm aside what have you found to be the most effective tools for your job searches. Do you try to secure a job before a PCS or do you sit tight, move, then look in person? What has worked in your experience???

    Also-I totally fell into my current job which is 8 hours away from where I lived at the time and was having the same issues looking for a local job the. So I guess what I am really asking is how do you make yourself stand out from the 800 other applicants so that you can make it through the initial screening and get an interview??

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    In Hiding

    So this has been alluded to on twitter by a few of the people who knew but I have been hiding from blogger because I have a ton going on right now and can't right about part of it without exposing part that needed to remain under-wraps for a while, but now I am finally able to come clean.

    I have started looking for jobs in Hampton Roads so that I can move and be with my husband.

    There, I said it, I am out of the closet :)  For those of you wondering why I waited to say anything, I felt it was necessary to inform the board of trustees for my organization in person about this decision.  We had a trustees meeting this weekend and this week will be spent getting everything in order to start the search for my replacement and hopefully things will go well and I will be able to find a job so that I can move after getting someone here trained.

    This decision was made after a lot of prayer, soul searching, and exploring what things look like for my husband deployment wise etc.  Right now his boat is not scheduled to deploy for a long time so we felt it is better for us if I move to be with him now instead of staying here until after his first deployment which was our initial plan.

    SOOOOO If anyone knows of a company hiring someone in the accounting field with 4.5 years of experience let me know!  :)  Bonus if it's a non-profit, Over the past 2 years I have become a non-profit accounting pro and a 990 wiz! :)

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    0-dark thirty

    I have read many blogs full of hilarious stories about waking at 0-dark thirty for various military purposes but never thought I would have to wake up at 0-dark thirty for the reason I did last night.
    I set my phone clock to 24-hour time as a joke/dare and actually have come to like it. It makes me think a little more throughout the day and it making it a lot easier for me to adjust to Adam referring to things in military time. Imagine my annoyance last night though when my phone rang at literally 0:04 roughly 30 minutes after i had fallen asleep. All I could think was so this is what 0-dark thirty wake ups sound like! Turns out hubby was leaving a movie he had gone by himself because no one else wanted to go watch it and thought I would still be up. In hindsite it's kind of cute but at 0:15 this morning when he was still talking I didn't find it very sweet.

    ***yes I realize 0-dark thirty usually falls in the 3-6AM range and I have been initiated into that club thanks to hurricane Irene however it is currently 1:00 and in my exhausted state of mind I am finding this story hilarious :)

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Squeaky Dog Toys

    Nope I don't mean my dogs are playing with squeaky toys...I mean my dog is a squeaky toy!!!

    Tonight I was at a friends house for dinner and Jersey was sitting in her lap.  Every time my friend went to pet Jersey she made a squeaky noise. It was absolutely adorable! 

    What kind of cute things do your pets do?