Sunday, October 16, 2011

0-dark thirty

I have read many blogs full of hilarious stories about waking at 0-dark thirty for various military purposes but never thought I would have to wake up at 0-dark thirty for the reason I did last night.
I set my phone clock to 24-hour time as a joke/dare and actually have come to like it. It makes me think a little more throughout the day and it making it a lot easier for me to adjust to Adam referring to things in military time. Imagine my annoyance last night though when my phone rang at literally 0:04 roughly 30 minutes after i had fallen asleep. All I could think was so this is what 0-dark thirty wake ups sound like! Turns out hubby was leaving a movie he had gone by himself because no one else wanted to go watch it and thought I would still be up. In hindsite it's kind of cute but at 0:15 this morning when he was still talking I didn't find it very sweet.

***yes I realize 0-dark thirty usually falls in the 3-6AM range and I have been initiated into that club thanks to hurricane Irene however it is currently 1:00 and in my exhausted state of mind I am finding this story hilarious :)

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