Monday, January 25, 2010

Oops I did it again...

Sorry I failed to post a weight loss update last week, I have no clue how much progress I made.  BUT,
Saturday night hubby, lilshutterbug, and I went to target and hubby bought me a wii fit plus :)  it makes me happy.  My wii fit age is 37....and I'm not 37 so I think I might need to work on my reflexes and such some too...So far hubby has played on the wii fit more than I have but that's becuase he played on it for 45 minutes last night when I was doing homework.  Hopefully I'll catch up soon.

After I finished my homework last night we were going to watch the last quarter of the saints-vikings game but the score was very close and hubby thought that it would probably go into overtime so we decided to run to little ceasars and grab a pizza for dinner while we watched the rest of the game.  I got out of the car at little ceasars and face planted in a flowerbed, twisting my ankle and no gym for me this morning and i"m guessing no wii fit for me tonight.  Hubby was nice enough to bring my crutches up from the basement so that I wouldn't have to hobbel to class this morning and I'm glad that I had them! 
This also means of course I probably won't be playing wii fit tonight...or tomorrow...or wednesday :(  I hope that just plain calorie counting helps me shed some pounds this week because I'm thinking my activity level is going to be low....
On the bright side my abs burn from using the crutches to and from class :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stupid work computer!

For some reason google reader decided not to work at theme park world so here I am posting from the iPhone while hubs is on the computer so forgive typos. I downloaded a new app to try and read my subscriptions but they don't load automatically with the free version so hopefully I'll catch up on everyones rantings tomorrow!

In other news have you checked out my wonderful friend Bethanys giveaway yet? If not go to A Southern Belle and Her Officer ( ) and enter NOW!!!

Ok so your back from entering the contest--you did enter right? Ok go on I'll wait...

On another note check out and type in the keyword "care". There is a contest going on to win $50,000$ for a local CMN childrens hospital. Of course I want you to vote for the max since they're 3rd righ now and if they win the money will go to Kosair but I'll forgive you if you vote for the radio station that supports your local CMN hospital! It's great stuff go check it out!

Ok my thumbs are starting to cramp up and this ap won't turn sideways so I'm done with my random rambelings.

Hugs to you all and be sure to tell the people you love that you care!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Spam....

Dear Readers,

I've been recieving a bunch of stupid spam comments on the blog since I fixed the comments so that people wouldn't have trouble and removed the security word feature thingy (yes that is the technical word...)  I'm sort of tired of the excitement of "wow I have a comment!" only to find out that it's spam.  So I put the security word feature back on my comments but I think you should still be able to comment without a problem.  This means I really need you to try and comment to make sure that it worked!

Nuclear Wife

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank God for three day weekends!

I am about to die... my sinuses feel like they could explode any minute and I am exhausted.  I have no clue why but this week at work has been horrible...ok I do know why but I'm not allowed to tell so lets just leave it at I don't know why...

ok rant over.  done complaining I promise.

I went to the gym this morning like a good little girl :) go me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend this is the first time theme park world has been closed on MLK day so we are all super excited.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I never thought...

The earthquake in Hati is a disaster and everyone wants to know how they can help.  Today I was pointed to THIS BLOG and have an idea.  I can't do anything but maybe someone who reads my facebook status, twitter, or blog can.  So go read how you might be able to help and spread the word. 

This email was recieved from BRESMA orphanage in Port au Prince

“Our housé is falling b two also. Adoptions stoppéd five yrs at least. We are living in yard no food water bank stores phone mostly. Only idéa is if u no anyoné important who can give réfugee status to all thé bresma u.s. kids. We trùly cant keep babys alive water contaminated. This is our only hope -
only private planes allowed. We know its cràzy but can évryone come togethér and find a person to help us like obama? Thé kids r almost américan and will have homes. We try to call all day and cant. Sending this from a strangers blackberry.”

I did a search to make sure it isn't a hoax and here is what I found about the actual orphanage itself on other sites.  It is a mission ran orphanage in port au prince. Established in 2002 and now encompasses two houses of children and a school.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bush doesn't speak English fluently...

So today in my German class my professor was talking about the different styles that can be used to convey the same message in a language. He started with and excellent example about how almost everyone agrees that Clinton (Bill) is a very charismatic speaker and his style of speaking captures people’s attention. He then went to compare/contrast Clinton’s style to George W Bush...and all he could say was well Bush doesn't speak English fluently. I almost died laughing. Despite anyone’s political beliefs you have to agree that is funny.

Much like the current one, I am going to try and have interesting titles for my posts from now on.  Wish me luck because I'm pretty sure that I'll be bad at it.  I'm not very creative. 

I really wish Chase Bank would mail me the stupid credit card statment for work.  I was supposed to have our CC Recon done today...Statement still isn't here for year end...This is a problem!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bethany is nuts...

So my friend Bethany is having a giveaway  check it out here the prizes are
** 3RD PLACE WINNER - Gets a $20 gift card to

** 2ND PLACE WINNER - Gets a $30 gift card to
** 1ST PLACE GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Gets a $50 gift card to PLUS a $25 gift card to Starbucks
She bought these prizes with her own money.  Why is she having such an amazing giveaway?  Because she wants 100 followers on blogger and on twitter before her wedding on Feb. 6th (that's also the giveaway deadline btw.)  Why is she nuts?  Because I have all of 9 blogger followers and follow around 50 blogs that are actually active and have a hard time keeping up with them I couldn't imagine 100!  

However Bethany is super sweet and a lot of fun and her blog is interesting so here is a plug for her.  go check out A Southern Belle and Her Officer

My Week

Sorry for the lack of posting but for some reason last week was crazy!
Classes started yesterday and I can tell that I am going to really enjoy my German professor.  He stayed after class to chat with me since I'm in a bit of a strange situation (I took the same level class roughly 4 years ago before my study abroad in Austria, and am a masters student, paying masters rates, for an undergrad class) and promised that I would get my money's worth and by the time I'm done with next year's classes (I acutally only need to take semesters 3 and 4 for my degree, I'm retaking 2 because it's been so long) I will be beyond conversational and if I truly apply my self (I'm paying graduate rates out of my pocket you better believe I'm going to apply myself!) I will probably be able to call myself fluent.  A major improvement over my undergraduate German experience.  Tonight is my international business class so I'll let you all know how that goes later!

On to the fitness goals--
Hubby is going to the gym with me tomorrow to set up his membership and I went yesterday morning before class like a good little girl. 
I didn't record my calories over the weekend but all of last week I came out near my goal of 1600+exercise.  The exercise calories I am considering bonus, I can eat them if I am hungry but I don't have to, I'm making sure that I hit at least the 1500 mark daily and my max without exercise is 1600. 
As of yesterday morning I lost 2 pounds, I forgot to measure my waist though so that will wait for next week.
I have been drinking at least 6 cups of water every day.  I've hit the 8 I want to be at every day if you count juice and I have been over 8 most days.
So far I'm off to a good start.

As for not counting my calories over the weekend, Friday night I went out with a friend who turned 21 last week.  I stayed under my calorie allowance but didn't realize how many rum and diet cokes you can drink for 300 calories.  Around 11 I texted hubby and told him I wouldn't be able to drive home which he was fine with, just to call him when I was ready to go.  I also stoped drinking at this point (free drinks were included with cover until 11) but about 1130 the 21 year old ordered shots of tequilla (or as she said it the one with salt and lime)  I'm pretty sure that shot of tequilla put me over the edge.  I officially had my first real hangover this weekend.  The most I've had to drink in the past year is 2 or 3 glasses of wine or mixed drinks...I'm a bit of a lightweight anyway.  oops!   Needless to say I have no business going out with a newly 21 year old unless I'm the DD every again b/c I'm going back to my method of ordering 1 or 2 drinks tops...I don't care if it's included in the cover!  (So I didn't count the calories b/c I ate a lot of greasy carbs on Saturday) 

Saturday night was Derby Dinner with hubby SIL/BIL and MIL for MIL's bday.  Hubby's uncle got to come too.  The play was Death and Taxes which I enjoyed  it was very well done and I like the story line.  The food as usual was amazing.  Odly enough it was a vegetarians dream meal though.  They always have a good variety of vegetables but Saturday night they had a huge variety spread out that tasted amazing.  My second plate was meat free.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years...Resolution???

Normally I'm not so big on New Years Resolutions but since everyone else is doing it why not...As most people do in college I gained about 20 pounds, then after college I gained about 20 more pounds.  As of September 11, 2008 I had lost about 30 pounds but when my dad passed away (9/11/08) I gained 25 pounds in 1 week (for the record pimento cheese sandwhiches and fudge brownies are not a balanced diet but when they are all that taste good during a crisis people will let you live on them).  Putting me at the heaviest I have ever been. I didn't really worry about the weight and figured since it was from binge eating that it would go away when my life went back to normal.  When I got engaged I joined a gym and when I was going managed to lose 10-15 of the 25 evil pounds but since the wedding I have been a slacker and now weigh even more than I did before I joined the gym. (why do people eat when they're happy?) 
SO my New Years Resolution is to get my butt in gear and get back to a healthy weight.  I am going to do this the right way, no half-assing and major habits are changing.  I do the grocery shopping so step one should be easy--I am going to cut processed foods from our cabinets.  No more buying frozen dinners because they are so much easier or food that is 100% corn in different forms.  That being said I am not throwing away food we already have.  I am simply going to start buying whole foods and trying to make better/healthier choices.
According to my current BMI is 27.46 which is smack dab in the middle for "overweight" between healthy and obese.  My "Goal Weight" is go be 130 pounds which should put my BMI (21.63) in the middle of "healthy".  I want to reach this goal by my birthday which is July 23rd.  To reach this goal will need to lose a little over 1 pound per week. 
This week I am going to start slow.  I am going to up my water intake and make sure that I am drinking the 8 glasses per day that we are told to drink as kids.  I am going to allow myself to still drink diet coke when I go out to eat and drink things like 7-up and ginger ale if I have an upset stomache but other than that I am cutting all soft drinks.  I will count tea towards my water because the Mayo Clinic says I can (and I really like hot tea in the winter!)  Sugar Free Lemonade/Kool-aide will also count as will fruit juice.  I am going to track what I eat on and count calories. 
I am going to also try to eat a more balanced diet.  I am going to limit meat to one or two meals a day and try to eat more fruits/vegetables/whole grains.  I am also going to plan on eating 4-5 meals per day.
Starting next week I am going to the Gym at least 2 mornings (monday/wednesday) a week before class and am going to try to get in the habit to go up to 5 days per week (3 before work)  I am going to cook a real dinner at home at least 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and have the meals planned in advance.  I tried this before and it was working well until hubby's mom started calling us to go eat with her at least once a week and it kind of went to pot but I'm holding my own and we will eat at home these three days unless we have plans in advance to do otherwise because if it is a special occasion (bday etc.) it will be planned in advance and anything else isn't worth having the food go bad over. 
Tonight I am going to go through our deep freeze and cabinets and take inventory of what we have to eat in the house.  Over the rest of January I am going to try to melt the menu around what we have in the house to get some of it eaten up then I am going to start the real health kick in February with super balanced menus and even having hubby's and my lunches planned out so that we don't just grab whatever is in the freezer. 
I am doing this in part simply because I am a girl and I want to lose weight.  Mostly I'm doing it because I am sick of my clothes not fitting and being tired all of the time.  I know that 10-15 pounds is all that I need to lose before I will feel like myself again.  My clothes would fit and my BMI would be at the top of healthy but I figure if I'm going to do this I'm going to do it right.  Besides I still haven't cleaned out my closet at my moms house from High School so I'm betting there are still jeans and shorts there that will fit me so I won't have to worry about buying a ton of new clothes all at once.  I'm going to try not to buy any clothes from now until I lose the weight unless I absolutly have to because nothing fits.  I should be fine though because I own a lot of dresses I just might not like wearing dresses everyday. 

Sorry for the long post about stuff I'm sure you don't care about but I figured if I outline what I'm going to do in a public forum I'll feel like I have to go through with it.  Wish me luck and I'll keep you all posted on my progress (via much shorter 1-liners every Monday letting you know how I did the previous week!)