Thursday, January 14, 2010

I never thought...

The earthquake in Hati is a disaster and everyone wants to know how they can help.  Today I was pointed to THIS BLOG and have an idea.  I can't do anything but maybe someone who reads my facebook status, twitter, or blog can.  So go read how you might be able to help and spread the word. 

This email was recieved from BRESMA orphanage in Port au Prince

“Our housé is falling b two also. Adoptions stoppéd five yrs at least. We are living in yard no food water bank stores phone mostly. Only idéa is if u no anyoné important who can give réfugee status to all thé bresma u.s. kids. We trùly cant keep babys alive water contaminated. This is our only hope -
only private planes allowed. We know its cràzy but can évryone come togethér and find a person to help us like obama? Thé kids r almost américan and will have homes. We try to call all day and cant. Sending this from a strangers blackberry.”

I did a search to make sure it isn't a hoax and here is what I found about the actual orphanage itself on other sites.  It is a mission ran orphanage in port au prince. Established in 2002 and now encompasses two houses of children and a school.

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Anonymous said...

I know in the midst of such a huge disaster, it's hard to feel like you're making any difference...but you are! Keep up the twitter/facebook updates...people WILL read them :)