Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Week

Sorry for the lack of posting but for some reason last week was crazy!
Classes started yesterday and I can tell that I am going to really enjoy my German professor.  He stayed after class to chat with me since I'm in a bit of a strange situation (I took the same level class roughly 4 years ago before my study abroad in Austria, and am a masters student, paying masters rates, for an undergrad class) and promised that I would get my money's worth and by the time I'm done with next year's classes (I acutally only need to take semesters 3 and 4 for my degree, I'm retaking 2 because it's been so long) I will be beyond conversational and if I truly apply my self (I'm paying graduate rates out of my pocket you better believe I'm going to apply myself!) I will probably be able to call myself fluent.  A major improvement over my undergraduate German experience.  Tonight is my international business class so I'll let you all know how that goes later!

On to the fitness goals--
Hubby is going to the gym with me tomorrow to set up his membership and I went yesterday morning before class like a good little girl. 
I didn't record my calories over the weekend but all of last week I came out near my goal of 1600+exercise.  The exercise calories I am considering bonus, I can eat them if I am hungry but I don't have to, I'm making sure that I hit at least the 1500 mark daily and my max without exercise is 1600. 
As of yesterday morning I lost 2 pounds, I forgot to measure my waist though so that will wait for next week.
I have been drinking at least 6 cups of water every day.  I've hit the 8 I want to be at every day if you count juice and I have been over 8 most days.
So far I'm off to a good start.

As for not counting my calories over the weekend, Friday night I went out with a friend who turned 21 last week.  I stayed under my calorie allowance but didn't realize how many rum and diet cokes you can drink for 300 calories.  Around 11 I texted hubby and told him I wouldn't be able to drive home which he was fine with, just to call him when I was ready to go.  I also stoped drinking at this point (free drinks were included with cover until 11) but about 1130 the 21 year old ordered shots of tequilla (or as she said it the one with salt and lime)  I'm pretty sure that shot of tequilla put me over the edge.  I officially had my first real hangover this weekend.  The most I've had to drink in the past year is 2 or 3 glasses of wine or mixed drinks...I'm a bit of a lightweight anyway.  oops!   Needless to say I have no business going out with a newly 21 year old unless I'm the DD every again b/c I'm going back to my method of ordering 1 or 2 drinks tops...I don't care if it's included in the cover!  (So I didn't count the calories b/c I ate a lot of greasy carbs on Saturday) 

Saturday night was Derby Dinner with hubby SIL/BIL and MIL for MIL's bday.  Hubby's uncle got to come too.  The play was Death and Taxes which I enjoyed  it was very well done and I like the story line.  The food as usual was amazing.  Odly enough it was a vegetarians dream meal though.  They always have a good variety of vegetables but Saturday night they had a huge variety spread out that tasted amazing.  My second plate was meat free.


Erica said...

Mmmmm... tequila. Always does me in. Once a week. :-)

You two have fun with your gym memberships. LOL.

Erica said...

P.S. I just looked at your reading list. I have Wicked and A Lion Among Men (which I realize is not on your list but it's the 3rd book in the series) if you don't have them and want to borrow them.

stefanie said...

Good luck with your weight-loss journey! You can do it!