Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stupid work computer!

For some reason google reader decided not to work at theme park world so here I am posting from the iPhone while hubs is on the computer so forgive typos. I downloaded a new app to try and read my subscriptions but they don't load automatically with the free version so hopefully I'll catch up on everyones rantings tomorrow!

In other news have you checked out my wonderful friend Bethanys giveaway yet? If not go to A Southern Belle and Her Officer ( ) and enter NOW!!!

Ok so your back from entering the contest--you did enter right? Ok go on I'll wait...

On another note check out and type in the keyword "care". There is a contest going on to win $50,000$ for a local CMN childrens hospital. Of course I want you to vote for the max since they're 3rd righ now and if they win the money will go to Kosair but I'll forgive you if you vote for the radio station that supports your local CMN hospital! It's great stuff go check it out!

Ok my thumbs are starting to cramp up and this ap won't turn sideways so I'm done with my random rambelings.

Hugs to you all and be sure to tell the people you love that you care!

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