Friday, June 29, 2018

Seasons of life

Does anyone else ever look back at different seasons in their lives and wonder about specific pieces of them? I understand how over time we might grown and change.  Make new friends, loose touch with old ones.  Develop new hobbies or habits, get new jobs etc.  but sometimes I wonder what would be different if I still do X or never started doing Y.  If I had never met my husband or if I would have still met him even if I hadn’t been friends with the friend who introduced us.  
What parts of our lives are fixed points and which parts are timely-whimey-wibbley-wobbley as the Doctor is known to say.  
Just some random thoughts when I can’t sleep at 4am.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

If you happen to miss me

And given that I just realized that my custom blog design in dead and that I need to change it to a blogger supported template I doubt many of you do....

I started a new blog to chronicle my spartan race training this summer (and possibly beyond)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Not enough hours in the day

There are simply not enough hours in the day...
The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  I have been at work/out of the house an average of 11 hours per week day, one night I was at the office until after 9PM waiting on a file to be completed so that I could start a process that takes around 4 hours to run without delaying anyone else's work the next day.
I have continued on my goals and am making good headway.  I have our Kitchen complete and our Pantry (thanks hubby!) and our living room from the A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge.  I am starting our dining room this week.
My bible writing is going well, I am in the begat's section of Genesis which is a bit tiresome but I am making headway towards Noah.
I have continued eating clean and am making progress on my Advocare 24 day challenge.   This weekend I went to Cincinnati for Advonation and learned a lot, I stayed on plan throughout my roadtrip.   I have also decided to start working harder towards my goals and am going to step up my game.
Stay the course, push through and make time and you can achieve your goals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I mentioned yesterday that I am currently working on writing the bible.

The inspiration for this task came from my cousin and her husband.   They are currently working on writing the bible with their daughter as part of their home schooling program.  I thought the idea sounded amazing and wanted to join in the fun!   What a better way to really absorb the word of God than to write it as you read?

There are countless studies about taking notes with a pen and paper verses a lap top and study methods where you simply rewrite your notes.  So I figured the same must be true with the bible as well!

I started the project a few months ago and quickly lost my steam.   But my husband and I are currently going through the process of being confirmed in the Catholic Church (another story for another time) and I thought that I would take advantage of this chance to start fresh using one of the translations approved by the Roman Catholic Church rather than my trusty, falling apart, NIV study bible.

I am actually really excited about this and am kind of geeking out.  I am committing 15 minutes per day to the project and if I miss a day it's not a big deal, I will simply make up the time the following day.  I am holding myself accountable and making sure my cumulative time for a week is at least 1:45 so that I don't get too far behind and decide to do something crazy like spend 6 hours in one day making up for 3 lost months.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Do all the things days 2 & 3

Yesterday got away from me and I forgot to update this morning so today's post will review my day yesterday and my day today and how I've faired in keeping up with my goals for the new year.  

Yesterday - Out of bed around 7:30 AM
Spent a couple of hours working in the kitchen.  Cooked meatballs for dinner for Monday & Tuesday Night and prepared a meatloaf that is now ready to throw in the oven for dinner Thursday & Friday.
Had leftovers for lunch around noon(ish)
Spent some quality time with my deal sweet husband
Did a 24 minute workout
Wrote a blog post
Spent about an hour researching community issues for the Junior League community impact development committee.
Then after dinner I took a quick shower and headed to a friends house to watch the Bachelor premier around 7:00.
You will notice I completely spaced and failed to make time for my daily bible writing (have I mentioned my daily devotional is including writing the bible for 15 minutes per day?) Don't worry I made it up today!

Since I was out late last night (Yes, 10:30 is late!) I turned off my work out alarm and decided to enjoy the extra hour of sleep.   Despite that I was out the door and headed to work at 7:00.  I took a 15 minute lunch break and somehow miraculously made it out of the office around 5:15, getting home just before 6:00.
At 6:15 I headed back out the door for a 30 minute run(ish) and rewarded myself when I got home with my yummy turkey meatball leftovers from last night and a popsicle made from Advocare Rehydrate (Key Lime Cherry YUMMY!!!)
From 7:00 - 8:00 I watched a couple of videos about human trafficking for my Junior League project and drafted a few member education Facebook posts to be uploaded later this week.  
From 8:00-8:30 I worked on my bible writing
at 8:30 I sat down to type this blog post and as soon as I am done I will be heading upstairs for a shower and to get my clothes laid out for tomorrow.
Assuming there is time after my shower I will probably spend 15-20 minutes working on embroidering the blanket I am making for my dear sweet nephew who was born over our Christmas vacation.   I have it about 75% complete but still have a few letter blocks left to finish before I bind the quilt and get to break out the new sewing machine my mom generously bought me for Christmas. I promise to upload a picture when I get it complete my hope is to have it done and in the mail to my sister in law before Valentines Day.

My plans for the rest of the week look a lot like my day today, only with possible longer work days (hopefully I stay as productive as I was today!) and rotating in a couple of hours finishing up the kitchen (all that is left is my spice cabinet and under the sink) in place of my Junior League work.

I hope to move to the next room on the A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge on Saturday.   Which is the dining room.  Ours is in pretty good shape but I know our "bar" area needs a good going through and my china cabinet would benefit from being wiped down so I anticipate being able to finish it this weekend easily which will put me two weeks ahead (thank God, because I'm going to need it if I'm going to be able to tackle our master closets!!!)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Advocare 2017 All-In Challenge

With the mindset of holding myself accountable I want to post regular updates about our 2017 Advocare goals.   
As is pretty much the norm in this household we are participating in the All-In 24 day challenge.  This year I have two friends who are joining us in the challenge and I'm really excited about the added accountability/responsibility that I will feel cheering these two through their challenges.  
I am taking a road trip to Cincinnati during the challenge but it is for an Advocare event so I think temptation will be limited.   

These are my goals for 2017:

1-tone up (AKA #absorababy2017) I told a friend that my health goal for 2017 was to get abs, or a baby, or both...She found it hilarious and told me that #absorababy should be my mantra for the year...and I kind of agree but given the limitation that I put on sharing our infertility journey on Facebook I'm going to pass on the actual hashtag...but it is my goal (because lets get real, how many women have 6 packs at 6 months pregnant....) 

2-help hubby reach his fitness goals

3-Help as many friends as possible reach their health goals...Reach out to at least 4 people per month/1 per week.

Wish me luck!!!

Do all the things - day 1

As promised here is my recap of how I spent my day yesterday.  Not going to lie--I got a migraine at the New Years Eve shin-dig and barely made it to midnight, by the time we got home I had to take real pain meds so we did sleep in and skip Mass.   It was a necessary thing though as I was beyond in pain and still had a pretty bad migraine when I woke up, though the nausea and dizziness had passed by morning.

10AM- out of bed, took migraine medicine, drank about 16 ounces of h2o and started my day
Made breakfast (grilled cheese!)
Started the corned beef cooking for our afternoon meal

11AM (ish)
Started A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge (yes a week early, that's how you get shit done, you do them when you have time off of work)
I started on the Kitchen and when Hubby saw what I was doing he attacked our pantry.   The pantry is now 100% complete and I have 4 cabinets left in the kitchen that I will be completing today.

2PM (ish)
Ate corned beef (YUMMY!!!) and did meal prep for the week.   Put together grocery list

Went grocery shopping

6PM (ish)
Headache was starting to ramp back up so I decided to call it a day on the Kitchen
Got home from grocery store, put away groceries, finished meal prep for the week
Watched Rock of Ages

9PM (ish)
Daily bible devotional stuff

In bed

SO what does this mean?
1- week 2 of the 14 week challenge is done before it started
2-week 1 of the 14 week challenge is 50% complete (hoping to finish it today)
3-Meal prep for the week is done

All in one roughly 8 hours, while doing other stuff.  Yes my husband helped, but how else can two people who work roughly 40-60 hours per week have a functioning household unless they also share household duties???

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The one where I bitch about stay at home moms....

Normally there is no one I admire more than a (good) stay at home parent.   They work 24/7/365 taking care of their children.  My mother was amazing, she was constantly working around the house, mowing our yard, cleaning, gardening, and taking care of me.  I have always wanted to be a SAHM or even a WAHM but know that until I pay off my student loan debt (and you know have kids) that isn't an option.  
But today a couple of people have really annoyed me.  
I am a member of the A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Group on FaceBook.  I have been a member of the group for a couple of years and have followed her blog since we lived in Georgia.  I really like her home organization challenge and how well put together it is, I usually have to modify it slightly because the spaces don't always match up 1:1 with our house (no kids stuff!) and I am a busy person but I have done it 3 or 4 times in the past 6 or 7 years and plan on participating in the 2017 New Years one.
Three different times today people posted on the Facebook page things like
"how does everyone find time to keep their house clean etc., I have no time between working ____ (less than 20 hours), kids stuff, and feeding my family"
But the one that really struck a nerve for me was one that said (copying actual text b/c I don't want to misquote...) 
"Did you ladies have trouble keeping up with the last organizational challenge while maintaining everything else? Bills, kids activities, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking?? I also work 4 to 8 hours a week and volunteer a couple hours a week at my daughters elementary school."
Herein lies my issues:
1-Not everyone in the group is a lady (tho those who participate mostly are
2-She works 1 day a week and volunteers "a couple", which means 3 days...which means she has 2 free days per week that people who work full time don't have.
I totally understand kids add a level of complexity to your life.   I understand that everyone has different abilities and needs and income levels and such...
I get that the more time you are at home the more time you can make a mess...however if you are at home you also can do the things that you need to at home in order to keep your house clean/organized etc.   
Because there are some things that are equally necessary wether you are at home or not
-Bills still need paid
-Laundry still needs washed
-Floors still need swept/mopped
-Shelves still need dusted
-Food still needs cooked
-Dishes still need washed
So, Since January 1-March 1 are super busy for me at work I am going to track the amount of time I spend at home and what I do with that time.   
ALL WHILE COMPLETING the Home Organization Challenge.

And I am going to document it on my blog....

Then I am going to put together a home cleaning checklist that is reasonable for people who live busy lives and aren't physically home enough to devote the 1 hour + per night to "quick daily cleanups" that are recommended all over the internet to keep homes clean.

Pro tip- Here is the first secret...Married couples should be teams and split up the damn work according to their relative free time.   For us Jan-March this year is going to rough, Hubby is going to be studying for his first class exam while I am working on year end closing of financial statements and preparation of federal reports.  Plus we are both going to be going hard core towards starting 2017 on a healthy foot and kicking our Advocare results up to the next level.

I'll post later this week with my New Years Resolutions updates for 2016 and my resolutions for 2017.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Books books wonderful books

My new hero is Novella Carpenter.  She wrote a book called “FARM CITY; The Education of an Urban Farmer” about her adventures building a garden and raising chickens, rabbits, pigs, and honey bees in a run-down ghetto in California.  She also has a blog ( I just finished her book and enjoyed it immensely and have started following her blog.  I’m hoping to learn from her experience tips and tricks that will help with my little back yard garden (especially once I convince hubby to let me get bees, and maybe rabbits, and maybe chickens…) if you are even a little interested in having a garden in an urban (or even not urban) environment.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Do you even workout bro?

Two workouts, two days!! (I started last night instead of waiting until today just to get a head start in case I miss a day)