Monday, April 26, 2010

Just curious...

Do you suscribe tp blogs then never read them? Not the blogs that are for entertainment only like "this is why your fat" or "the blog of unnecessary quotation marks" but real blogs by real people expressing their real feelings, hopes and dreams? I realized yesterday that I have a couple of blogs I follow where I will open the posts but not read what is written. This made mee feel horrible! So I herby vow if I suscribe to your blog unwilling read it from now on. (notice I didn't say I will read it in a timly manner!) I just get rushed to I skim the topics but don't actually read what is written. I'll do better I promise. And if you follow my blog I promise I will check yours out as soon as I notice I have a new follower (if you comment I'll notice faster!) and if you seem like a remotly interesting person (you read my blog you must be interesting!) I will suscribe to your blog and read it as well.
I'm also going to try and do a better job of commenting now that I have Internet at home and I can actually access your blogs and not just google reader!

So I'm off my soap box hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good day so far!


Ps don't forget ask me anything for my 100th post it's comming up fast!

And don't forget to enter my spa basket giveaway. There has been some confusion so to clarify you only have to answer one of the questions with your mandentory first entry but you can answer as many as you would like! The more I know the more I can customize!

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A Sailor's Wife said...

For those that post or update often, I "try" to keep up. If work is pretty hectic, than i try to catch up on the weekends...but i do "try" :)