Monday, December 7, 2009

I know not everyone is like me...

*Disclaimer, this post is devided into 3 parts--Part one is me whining about stupid people, Part two is me going on and on about the Colts, Part three is the most important.  Happy Pearl Harbor Day, feel free to skip ahead to part three if the first two bore you, my feelings will not be hurt.

BUT...I was browsing through blogs today and realized something. Poor grammar annoys me. I know that when I write it is not eloquent and that my spelling leaves much to be desired but at least I proof read my posts before I hit that silly little publish button...
When a TWenTYsoMeTHUN ChIcKaDEE TyPeS lIkes ThIS how in the world am I supposed to understand what she is saying? It is bad enough when I am on facebook and the teenagers from the church I grew up in who I used to babysit post statuses that say OMG My LiFe Is OvEr I WoNt SeE my BFF 4Eva in reference to Christmas break but seriously, you’re an adult stop with the teeny-bobber logo…Needless to say I won’t be following either of the blogs I’m talking about above…
Another thing I realized today is that I get really annoyed by blogs where people use multiple cutsey-wootsey nicknames for their significant other. I understand using DH or Hubby, or Sweetie, or even Baby to refer to your SO in order to protect their identity but I read one post in which the girl used 10 different cutsey nicknames for her SO in ONE PARAGRAPH…once again her blog, I won’t judge but I also will not be following…
I know I’m not perfect and I know that it is none of my business if I don’t like the way that these girls choose to communicate to the blogosphere then thank the internets I don’t have to read them, but seriously…every single one of these ladies was an adult. I have noticed lately that I must be getting old because I have become more and more easily annoyed by my 20 something friends who still think that they are in college or even worse, high school. That is probably why these three ladies annoyed me so much today. Well that and the fact that I read the three of them back to back—stupid Google reader for suggesting them!
Ok…off my high horse…

GO COLTS! Way to tie the record last night. The game was amazing yesterday. These things all happened yesterday!
— Matching New England’s record, set from 2006-08, with a chance to break it next week at home against Denver. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was on Bill Belichick’s staff during the Patriots’ record run.
— Extending their own NFL record of consecutive 12-win seasons to seven.
— Remaining undefeated, the first time in league history two teams—New Orleans is also 12-0—have been unbeaten this late in the season.
— And tying the 1990s San Francisco 49ers for most wins in a decade (113), a mark they could also break against Denver.
— Chris Johnson ran for 100 yards in his seventh straight game, tying Earl Campbell’s franchise record, he finished with 113 yards and fell just short of a seventh straight 125-yard game, the Titans struggled in the red zone.
— Addai runs for a season-high 79 yards and two scores.
— Manning throws his 25th TD pass of the season, extending his NFL record to 12 straight seasons with 25 or more TD passes
Ummm yeah, so AMAZING game. Well played guys!
Now that I’m done raving about how amazing the Colts are I have to give it to Tennessee. There were two plays that if they would have gone slightly differently The Colts would have loss and I would have been very sad today. So, good job Tennessee, you played a good game, Indianapolis just played a little better.

Saving the most important thing about this post for last—Happy Pearl Harbor Day. I hope that everyone will take time today to remember the people who died at Pearl Harbor and all of the Men and Women who fought in WWII whether they were in Hawaii, Normandy, or here at home like Rosie the Riveter. Thank You.

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Stefanie said...

I agree with your vent on other bloggers. I only follow people who actually have to say something in an entertaining fun way. :)