Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yummy food and such!

Today I an attempting to make the Pioneer Womans cheddar bacon onion biscuits and cinnamon rolls. I'm going to freeze both and make a few thanksgiving morning but the bulk will be for our trip to Gatlinburg in December with some great friends. I'll post pics and links to her recipe later when I'm not blogging from my phone. :). I'm also cleaning the apartment. My goal is to have it spotless for thanksgiving so we can get the Christmas decorations up. I'm making a final Kroger run tonight so I need to fund out if my BFF Melissa is coming to GA for turkey day :) she drinks milk...lots of milk...I throw away milk so I never buy it so I need to know if I should invest in a gallon of milk for the weekend--I hope the answer is yes :).

When do you decorate for Christmas?


Sespi said...

I'm making her cinnamon rolls this week too! :) And I'm planning to decorate for Christmas as soon as I get back to GA.

Erica said...

When are you going to Gatlinburg? And who are you going with? I thought I was a great friend! *Pouts* You could at least bring me some biscuits and cinnamon rolls. :-)

I decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. As usual. I put up my tree on Tuesday after Thanksgiving though, cause I was feeling lazy.