Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought I probably need to post about our amazing Thanksgiving dinner so I figure what better time than the present-the present being me sitting in the car waiting to leave for church because I had to bring Adam to work first and it's to late to go home but too early to head to church :)
Unfortunately I can't upload photos of our feast from the blogger app I have on my iPhone but if you follow me on twitter/are my friend on facebook then you probably saw the feast (ps my twitter username is @shanonrenee if you want to follow me, I'm a much better Tweep than blogger!) for those of you who haven't seen the picture use your imagination. And remember this was a meal for two!
A whole chicken rotisserie style courtesy of our amazing toaster oven.
Squash Casserole (I made way to much and it wasn't the recipe I wanted but Adam loved it so at least the leftovers are being eaten)
Regular dressing
Oyster dressing
Cranberry sauce
Glazed baby carrots
Asiago mashed potatoes (Amazing! Using the leftovers to make potato pancakes tonight!)
Corn casserole
Green beans
Sister Schubert's rolls
Pecan pie (The Pioneer Woman's recipe an the best Adams ever had!) with The Pioneer Woman's whiskey maple cream sauce (yummy!)
Pumpkin chiffon pie with rediwhip. I was going to make whipped cream, I LOVE homemade whipped cream but walmart was out of whipping cream and I forgot to get it at Kroger when I did my big shopping. At least rediwhip tastes good :)

Now off to church. Bye all!

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