Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year! *warning picture heavy!*

I know I'm a horrible blogger, and for that I apologize, but in my defense I'm a pretty good tweep :) 

In my defense December was a completely nutty month. The weekend before Christmas Adam and I went to Gatlinburg and met up with a bunch of our friends from Louisville.  It was an absolute blast and will probably be repeated next year.  Many lines were crossed and I probably now know more about some of my friends than I need to but the feeling I am sure was mutual and more importantly it was fun :)  Here are some pictures of the fun:
Some of the girls in downtown Gatlinburg (I'm in the Colts scarf SHOCKER!)
 Our Best Man Andrew and his super awesome Girlfriend Crystal (they are responsible for paying the majority of my mortgage every month!)
 My Dear Dear Friend Raff who was kind enough to let me pretty much live in his dorm room my senior year between classes when I had mono and needed naps!
 One of my absolute Besties Kelly (You can check her out at Sounds Good She's pretty awesome! and far better about blogging than I am!)
 Crystal, Kelly and Me snuggling on the couch early in the morning. (as in around 3 AM)
 Sweet little McGill.  Poor boy was afraid to talk to girls when I first met him...Now girls are afraid to talk to him (wouldn't you be with that face!)
 Adam, I think this was when we realized we wouldn't get to watch the Colts game b/c Tennessee played at the same time.  We later found it on the laptop :)
 Kelly and Emily.  I didn't know Emily very well before this weekend but she is a real sweetie
 The view from the Chalet balcony isn't it beautiful!

Then we went to Louisville for Christmas.  We had a nice dinner at Adam's sisters house and my mom and her boyfriend joined us.  Santa was very kind and we were blessed to get a lot of gift certificates that will be put to good use (lots of Kroger ones!) I bought Izzy a super cute dress and Jersey had a cute sweater (I can't find any of my pics of Jersey)  Andrew was mean and made Izzy wear a had--she was not amused :)

Then for New Years we went back to Louisville because John and Sarah were in Louisville on leave from John playing boats :)
We had brunch New Years Day at 10AM we finally got to Louisville around 5:30 AM but it was fun.  We ate at Lynns Paradise Cafe.  (Google it, totally worth the five minutes I'll wait...)
Then we went to a super delicious Sushi Buffet for dinner and topped it off with drinks at a wings place where Crystal works.  All in all a great end/start to the year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!  I will update later about New Years Resolutions etc because this is getting a little long!


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