Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge Days 6-8

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Day 6--Organize your dresser drawers
I did this when I went on my cleaning spree the week between Christmas and New Years, but I am currently doing laundry so I am challenging myself to get the laundry put up as soon as it is done.  Sorry no pictures!  We did take 3 bags of clothes to Goodwill on Saturday though!

Day 7--Organize the Pantry
Our apartment has exactly zero storage space.  Our "pantry" consist of three of the kitchen cabinets, our counter and the floor.  Here are some pictures--My goal was to get all of our food off the counter & kitchen floor, it almost worked!


I think we have too much food!!!

Way too much food....

Almost all of the food made it, I think two boxes of cereal and a basket of snacks is ok on the counter right???

Day 8--Organize the coat closet
I did this before New Years when I took down the Christmas Decorations, why?? Because it is the only storage space we have for our Christmas and Halloween Decorations!  Here is an after picture though :)

Yes we also store the dog food and dog toys in this closet, and yes I do still own a pair of roller skates and Adam bought the bowling ball at goodwill for $.75 shortly after we got married, according to a guy at the bowling lanes it is actually a really good ball.  and the TV trays are what we normally use to eat on because previously we could never find the kitchen table :)

And now I am caught up!   See you tomorrow :)

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