Tuesday, January 18, 2011

21 Days to Organized Days 10-12 1/2

Day 10--Laundry Closet


Day 11--The Freezer:
I am boycotting this one for now, simply because our freezer currently has 2 bags of frozen veggies, 1 bag of chicken tenders, and 1 box of soft pretzels...There isn't really anything to organize :)

Day 12--Spice Cabinet
For those of you playing along at home I did my spice cabinet as part of my pantry, see here

Here are some more pictures of the cleaning job Adam and I did :)
Our Good Will Donation round 2

Before picture of our guest room that was still full of boxes

an upside down before picture of the guest room

Adam mopping in his super awesome Mr. Potato Head PJs :)

After picture of our guest room--No More BOXES!!

After Shot number 2
My Before shot for Day 13--Medicine Cabinet , After pictures will follow tomorrow :)

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Meredith! said...

wow congrats on getting organized! it looks great!
i'm glad we're valentines partners! =) if you want to talk specifics or anything just shoot me an email! =)
your blog is so cute! i'm a new follower too!