Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Organized Challenge Days 13-16

It's still not too late to take the challenge!  Just a friendly reminder :)

My medicine cabinet/under the bathroom sink/medicine storage are all pretty much the same least for organizational purposes so I did them all together, over the course of 2 days :)

Just a reminder--Here are my before pictures

Under my sink

My vanity/counter

This is only so clean because most of the stuff that belongs in it is on the counter...

And during:
Empty cabinet!
My nice clean counter. 

organized medicine cabinet--which actually contains medicine!

my first aide storage

under the sink

So Yay ME!  Day 16 is your fridge--I'm not allowed to touch our fridge right now while Adam is in charge of dinner/losing weight but it isn't tooo bad considering how full it is.  :( 

Day 17 is the mail I will do it tomorrow as well as the day 18 challenge (yay for only being one day behind!)


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Meredith! said...

I need to take this challenge! I try to get organized but I always get side tracked! ;)