Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21 day organization challenge--life happens

Today's challenge was to organize your laundry room--I did get that done today. Adam and I also cleaned our guest room that was still overflowing with boxes and somehow managed to get him set up with some semblance of a closet. We now have 3 more bags of crap for goodwill and a Rubbermaid tote. Unfortunately no pics/real update tonight because he has been camped out on my computer for roughly 3 hours typing his resignation letter. Some crazy/shady stuff has happened this week while he has been off of work so we sat down/crunched some numbers and decided that while it is going to be super tight an will slow down our debt payoff plan it would be better for us if he no longer worked for his current employer. Sooo tomorrow he will be resigning effective immediately. Here is hoping that 3 things happen (really any 2 of he three but all three would be awesome!). 1-that my bug sells for what we are asking fast! (would buy us roughly 6 months without needing his income all) 2-that he finds a job/gets the one he is currently working towards ASAP and 3- our income tax refund is hella-big (not expecting very much at all)

So cross your fingers for us/send us good juju/pray hard. This was a very hard decision but I know it was the right one for us. I know God has amazing plans for my husband I just hope we find out what they are before I have a heart attack from the stress.

Shanon Renee

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