Tuesday, July 23, 1985


Hi there!  I am Shanon Renee.  I have a bachelors degree in Accounting.  My husband and I married August 15, 2009 and we are the proud parents of a two super cute little mutts named Izzy and Jersey.
Izzy is very spoiled and she enjoys long walks and puppy treats  Her birthday is July 5, 2007, I adopted her in August 2007.  As I type this she is curled up on my feet taking a nap...no fair!!!!  We adopted Jersey from the local animal shelter in October, 2010 and she was approximately 1 1/2 years old.  The animal shelter had named Jersey Coyote Ugly which I thought was a very mean name!  Jersey is a little skiddish but she is adjusting to her new life with loving parents.  We are lucky to have two such great puppies!
My birthday is July 23 just in case anyone wants to buy me presents :)
I love the color pink and all things girly.  I enjoy being pampered and playing with make up and dressing up.  Sadly though I never have time to do so and usually am not quite so primped when I leave the house.
I recently moved to Georgia from Louisville, KY because I worked for a Six Flags park in Louisville that was closed in February 2010.  I now work for the Foundation that supports my college sorority.  I enjoy my job especially since I am helping all of my sisters!
I love my husband dearly he is absolutely wonderful.  Right now we are in transition, he has joined the Navy and is stationed in Virginia while I am waiting in Georgia for him to get a rate assignment.  Once he gets a rate we will decide what direction he wants to take his career and hopefully I will get to join him!  
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No fair! Not one word mentioned about the wonderful and talented sister-in-law. Sigh. Oh well.