Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Aboard!

The proper place for a first post would be after hubby actually signs his Navy paperwork right??? WRONG!!! I know that he is committed, he knows that is committed, his recruiter knows that he is committed, that being said, sometimes I think that I should have him committed. :) If you decide to listen to all of my ramblings this is your warning...sometimes/usually my brain works so fast that my thoughts aren't exactly coherent for other people. Since I am posting this in a public forum I will do my bestest to make sure that they are as coherent as possible, however sometimes that isn't exactly possible.Hubby is actually ahead of schedule on his weightloss, and he just started actually trying to lose the weight last week! The plan was get married then he would start working on the 50 pounds that Navy World told him he had to lose before he could go to basic. (For the record at that point in time he was 6'5 and weighed 260ish) by the wedding he was down to less than 250, and now, one month after the wedding he is at 230. So he has 20 pounds to go and we both started watching what we ate last Monday. (In typical girl fashion I REALLY want to lose 20 pounds). Last week before we started "officially" trying to lose weight Hubby went to his recruiter to fill out all of his paperwork (had to waite until we had the marriage license so that I can go in the seabag!) and his recruiter told him that given his progress so far that it would be better if we waited until Hubby has lost all of the weight to avoid the un-healthy ass kicking that Navy diet plans are. The Navy is closed...apparently they are only taking new recruits for the highest ASVAB score level...lucky hubby he's so smart they can't dumb him down for the tier 2 job (meteorology) that led him into the recruiters office in the first place, meaning he will ALWAYS have a place available according to his recruiter. SO now I get to look forward to being able to say "My husband's a NUCLEAR ENGINEER in the US Navy!" Sounds a lot more prestigious than "oh yeah, he's a meteorologist," doesn't it. I'm excited, and he's is even more excited than I am. We are both really looking forward to the grand adventure before us. Hopefully we'll love it and in 20something years he will retire and we'll live happily ever after, but worst case scenario we both hate it and in six years we are back where we are now, only he'll have the training to be a nuclear engineer for someone other than the Navy...As for tha having him committed part....I was joking however last night I thought he was absolutely nut-so and it was driving me there! I came home from helping lilshutterbug fix her dryer and hubby is sitting on the computer in the living-room. He is looking at information on Nuclear Engineering, The Navy and Aircraft Carriers (he isn't allowed to volunteer for a sub, that was my one stipulation for going along with this I don't want him to volunteer to go UNDER the POLAR ICE CAPS) This is good, I think. "he wants to be fully prepared and know what he is getting into." I went to get in the shower and get ready for bed...Hubby followed me into the bathroom, armed with his laptop and starts reading facts about Nuclear Aircraft Carriers to me while I am in the shower...I'm glad that he is prepared, but do I really need to know how many people fit on each of the carriers stationed in Norfolk, VA? or what countries have aircraft carriers? or that China has exactly 0 aircraft carriers but still has the worlds 3rd largest air force? (how do they expect to get the planes to other countries?) I might want to know this stuff tomorrow, but can't I shower in peace????Today I am back at the Theme Park and I should be working on things for month end but starting a journal was far more important even tho I hadn't planned on needing to vent until at least after hubby signed the papers....

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