Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!

I still am going to hold on to my idea for a blog because I actually have some real life to blog about!

This weekend was a blast.  I went to Augusta and met up with two of my blog/twitter friends @armywifebethany at A Southern Belle and Her Officer and @sepsi at And You Never Did Think and we had an absolute blast!   Sepsi's dogs Shecky and Bones are hillarious.  We went to eat at a wonderful BBQ/Wing place then went and got our nails did.  My toes are now colts blue, Sepsi's are Russian Navy (a very appropriate name for a color!) and Bethany's toes are now a super bright red (Brazil something).

Check out our awesome pictures!  I'll upload more from my phone later but I have to get this posted and get to the Gym before Army Wives season finale!


Julie the Army Wife said...

How fun is that? So cool you guys got to meet :)

Sespi said...

Yay! I'm so glad we got a chance to meet up :)

Bethany said...

It was sooooo much fun!!! We HAVE to keep in touch once I move to OK, and this will NOT be the only time we hang out :) Love ya!!