Thursday, January 7, 2016

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Have you heard of the 5 P's of success?
Throughout my time in the business world I have had these words repeated to me time and again.  I do my best to put the 5 P's to practice in my life, not only as it relates to work but as it relates to everything I do.
For this reason I have done my best to Plan Properly for the Advocare All-In 24 Day Challenge starting on Monday, January 11 in order to Prevent Poor Performance and get great results.
To start the planning process I decided to make freezer meals over the weekend so that hubby and I had lots of options of healthy things to grab for lunch and dinner to let us stick with the Challenge and continue on our healthy-lifestyle journey since January-March are so busy for me at work.
I was a little over ambitious.
I ended up with a list of over 20 recipes...and didn't realize this until after I bought all of the ingredients....

SOOOO from January 11-February 3 I am going to post one of my freezer meal recipes here for your enjoyment.   I didn't plan to do this in the beginning and so I don't have pictures of all of them but as we eat them I will take pictures to add to the posts.  But I will be posting the recipes so you my dear blog friends will get the chance to hear about these great meals I made :)

YAY healthy!!

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