Friday, January 8, 2016

Balance your Checkbook

Am I the only person in America under 50 who still balances a checkbook?   I recently discovered that not only do my friends not carry their checkbooks, I knew this, everyone uses debit and credit cards.  No one writes checks any more that’s what online bill pay is for.   However I was shocked to discover that the majority of my friends don’t even BALANCE their checkbooks.  Despite, or perhaps because of, direct deposit, automatic bill pay, automatic savings transfers etc my friends have no clue what the actual balance in their checking accounts are, and these aren’t people like my husband who, admittedly has a different approach to personal finances than I do (he also spends less than me so…) but other accountants, people with CPA’s, MBA’s, CFA’s and other letters behind their names.
Perhaps working with money all day every day has made them not care?
What do you think? Do you balance your checkbook? Do you know your current bank balance?

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Julie Danielle said...

I always know exactly how much money we have. I check our bank everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I have a tons of notes for bills and budgets and stuff. That is weird some people don't do that.