Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why duty days are bad for my health

Currently hubby's ship is on 3 section duty to make sure everything is/was covered while people took leave for the lholidays. 3 section duty sucks. 6 section duty day is my favorite day of the week usually 8 section duty would be amazaballs. But 3 section duty is bad for my health. Why you ask??? Because unlike my dear husband I don't HAVE  to wake up before 5 AM. Therefore our normal 9ish bedtime isn't mandentory unless I want to wake up in time to go to the gym so instead I get wrapped up in crappy tv shows and end up shocked when I look at the clock and it is close to 11PM when I actually do HAVE to wake up a little early tomorrow because I have a ton of work that has to get done tomorrow. 

OOPS.  Oh well off to bed I go

Good night world! 

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