Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 10 reasons to be an accountant

1. working 16 hour days with no lunch for the months January-June ends when you leave public accounting
2. working 12 hours days with no lunch in January-February never ends, who doesn't like working from sun up to sun down
3. The necessary sedentary lifestyle gives you the chance to expand your hips
4. 95% of the people you work with you are not accountants will screw up things you need and not understand what you are talking about
5. of the 5% of your coworkers who are accountants, maybe 1/2 of them are actually intelligent human beings
6. all of your friends will really love you on April 14 when they realize they forgot to prepare their taxes.
7. the CPA exam is super easy, and cheap, and requires no studying, and not at all stressful
8. everyone you meet will want to hear all about your job because it sounds so exciting...yeah right...
9. you will rarely have to worry about coming home with an exciting story to tell your husband about your day, thus not having to worry when he doesn't ask about your day.
10. people far younger than you with less experience will quickly get jobs at higher levels than you simply because they stayed in public accounting longer.

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