Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas in ... January???

So hubby's command holiday party was Friday and the turnout was slim to say the least. However for the most part it was a fun evening and I got to hang out with my fellow FRG officers and my friend Amber. We played a wonderful game at our table where we awarded points based on how inappropriate the dress we spotted was, or more like based on how much of the girls hoo-ha we could see because the dresses were so short. What the crap ladies, this is a work event even if it is the military, cover that shit up!!! Many of the worst offenders were single active duty sailors so I have to assume they are dressing that way to try and land a boyfriend but it's redicilous. 

Anyway, my friend Kim and I were taking a picture when we had the most amusing photo bombers in the world...the CO and XO hop behind the ice sculpture.  For your view kind pleasure.  Isn't my dress cute??  

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