Sunday, January 5, 2014

Babies and Puppies

Today we had lunch with our good friends John and Sarah and exchanged Christmas presents.  While no one cares about adults exchanging Christmas gifts I was excited to give our gift to my Goddaughter who is 14 months.  We got her a toy that has giant marbles that race through tubes and it looks like a lot of fun.  I think she will like it once John gets it set up.
Poor Olivia was bit by a dog last night.  They were at a friends house and the friend has a lab who is possessive of his food.  Olivia was playing in the labs food bowl and the dog snapped at her.  It was just one quick bite, the dog was trying to get her to leave his food alone, but it left a pretty bad puncture on her arm.  Sarah was concerned Olivia might be afraid of my dogs after the traumatic evening but as soon as they walked in the door Olivia started talking to Izzy and Jersey and trying to play with them.  I'm not sure if it is because the bite didn't instill any fear of dogs in the baby or if it is because she doesn't see Izzy and Jersey who weigh about 13 pounds each as the same animal as the 90 pound lab.  I hope it mean's she isn't going to be afraid of dogs.  I"m glad that she is okay.
I hope that everyone remembers to always watch your babies around dogs, especially dogs that aren't used to being around babies because you never know when the baby will pull the dogs ear or take away a toy and the dog will react in the way that dogs are naturally wired to react.  The dog didn't mean to hurt Olivia but it happened and hopefully this little pain by Olivia will help keep others from suffering worse pain in the future.

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Great post and it's so true!