Wednesday, May 2, 2012

America's best blogging scholarship

So there is a scholarship currently available that has a writing which candidate has your vote for the  2012 presidential election and why?  I know this is a long shot but, on the off-chance that someone with some power will read my blog and think I actually have a good idea.  
My political views are something I generally try to keep off of my blog for a few, very simple and obvious reasons.  (Protecting my husband as a Sailor, protecting myself from idiots, keeping stupid hateful comments at a minimum…) However, I have discussed this particular plan with a good friend with the polar opposite views as me when it comes to most political things and she agrees that I might actually have a good idea for a change. 
Imagine what would happen if a democrat and republican ran ON THE SAME TICKET!  Not just any regular old white male democrat and senator but specifically what if Hillary and Condoleeza ran together?  I don’t particularly care which one of them is president and which is VP I just think given the current political climate and international threats they are the two people most prepared for the jobs.  Yes, one could also list any other former secretary of state or defense adviser but “Team Condillary” seems much more fun and controversial than any other options.  On a serious note though, who is better equipped to lead our country back to what we once were? 
As First Lady of the United States many joked that Hillary ran the country and Bill just did as he was told.  While I don’t believe this was actually the case I do believe that Hillary saw more and knew more about the true operations of the country than any other first lady.  She made the trips to other countries, supported Bill daily and had the education and background necessary to rise to power on her own merits as well being a successful lawyer and businessperson.  Add to that the fact that she has already lead a powerhouse campaign for president and the additional experience gained over the past 3 years as Secretary of State, what better candidate is there?
On the other side we have Condolezza Rice, a Republican best known for leading the anti-terrorism campaign during the second Bush administration.  Rice has the experience with foreign policy and respect of foreign governments to continue working with other countries and rebuild our relationships and economies.  Also, we know that Condolezza and Hillary respect each other, Condolezza even endorsed Hillary as her successor.  One huge negative, we know that Condolezza doesn’t want the job.  She has been quoted multiple times as saying she does not see herself every running for political office in the United States, especially during the 2008 campaign.
What about public policy and political viewpoints?  Wouldn’t having opposing views be a problem?  I think not.  In a 2005 survey only 54% of those polled by Gallup considered her liberal, and over 30% deemed her moderate.  Furthermore, Condolezza describes herself as a moderate republican.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a country that has been so ripped apart by partisan politics bound together by the bipartisan Team Condillary? 
Both Hillary and Condolezza are rumored to be on their own parties short-list for VP candidates this year; both women also have extremely high approval ratings.  Women now make up 51% of the voting population, doesn’t that mean we should also hold 51% of the vacancies in Washington?  Why shouldn’t two of those spots be as President and Vice President of the United states? 
Vote for Team Condillary 2012!
PS-yes I realize the odds are way against this happening and only way they even could run together if they wanted to is if they decided to screw their own parties and join an independent party with no campaign budget, but still—wouldn’t it be cool???
PPS-I did enter this in the scholarship, who knows if I’ll even qualify since I didn’t pick a proper candidate but I did write about who has my vote.
PPPS-Please, I encourage your comments, however if anyone is hateful, derogatory, or uses vulgar language, your comment will be deleted.  Likewise comments of So-N-So sucks are ignorant and will be deleted.


Sespi said...

I would totally vote for that ticket, regardless of which was Pres and which was VP. I love that idea!

Laney said...

.....we've talked about this before! :)