Monday, April 23, 2012

4 years

Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of meeting my husband it is amazing how much my life has changed in such a short time. I thought about writing a short, reflective post on the past 4 years but that means in 2 weeks I will be celebrating 5 years since graduating college and that seems like a bigger anniversary to benchmark right now. So instead you get to hear about how we met. Aren't you lucky??
4-years ago the broadway musical Avenue Q was in Louisville and I really wanted to go. I called my friend Wendy who shares my sick sense of humor (or at least appreciate it) and likes the theater and talked her into coming with me. At this time Wendy had 2 good guy friends, one was gay the other was Adam. She asked if her friend could come & since it was a broadway musical I assumed it was the gay one--oops!
I met Wendy and Adam for dinner at Bluegrass Brewing Company (if you are ever in Louisville and like microbrews check them out!) and my first impression of him was a tall, well-dressed guy walking towards the restaurant with Wendy. My second impression of him was him completely checking me out and talking about a girl who he had gone out with the night before on a blind date (apparently she was a bit crazy)--ok so not the gay one :)
By the end of dinner Adam ha convinced me that he should be my date to a wedding I was in because the groom was threatening to set me up. By the end of intermission he had invited himself to join me at the ballroom dance party I went to every week on Friday (this was a Tuesday) and I had been invited to his birthday party (the following Tuesday) the next week was a whirlwind. Friday night he met me at the ballroom and was a champ, we hung out in the parking lot for at least 2 hours afterwards just talking. Saturday was the monthly city-wide charity ballroom social and he asked if I wanted to go.
Saturday night he picked me up to go dancing again. It was great :) then when he dropped me off after we sat in the car for hours, again just talking. He opened my door and pulled out my chair and everything!
Sunday we went to a Louisville Bats Baseball game (his favorite!) and the weather was horrible, cold, and rainy. I didn't want to look like a wuss do I made it past the 7th inning stretch and didn't complain one bit. He swears that's when he knew he would marry me. By the time we got back to my house my nose was stuffy.
Monday I called into work sick (i had a fever and everything) and he brought me chicken soup. (granted it was a can of condensed soup, a Tupperware bowl, and a can opener but he did heat it up when he got to my house!) and a card he made with a friends kids crayons. When he gave me the card I knew he was special but I wasn't sure if I was ready for special yet (my relationship before Adam was ugly maybe I'll write about it eventually but not now) so I told him I probably wouldn't make the party since I was sick. Apparently my attending the party was not optional, soooo
Tuesday after work (I was feeling better but still had a sore throat from coughing and was takin LOTS of DayQuil to function) Adam picked me up and took me to his birthday party at Incredible Dave's (think Dave & busters only smaller) where I was a super cheap date (a cup of soup is cheap pretty much everywhere!) because he wouldn't let me pay, nor would he let anyone else pay for his because he wanted to pay for mine :) we played a few games then he took me home I guess it was obvious that I was miserable. I will never forget Wendy saying as we left "I would never have set the two of you up but I should have done it sooner you really just kindda make sense" that's when I knew that we would be together for a long time because Wendy was right, we did (do) make sense which is so funny because on paper no one would ever put us together.
I kind of want to go on or somewhere similar just to see if the computers would match us up but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't :)

How long have you known your significant other? Are they your "one"? When did you know that this was it??

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Erica said...

It so has NOT been 4 years since you met him! I still remember the first phone conversation I had with him. OMG. Still so embarrassed about that.

Once upon a time, I was Facebook married to this hot blonde girl. I knew it was right because she told me "If Facebook says you're married, then it must be true!" Then some asshole came along and stole her, and now they're Facebook married. I've been heartbroken since. :-p/

Seriously though... doesn't he have any hot friends?