Thursday, May 5, 2011

You're too happy?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

I am absolutely appalled! I got sick yesterday, nothing big--I thought it was something I ate, turns out it must have been a small bug because my boss got sick today with the same type of stuff going on.  Less than 5 minutes after our boss left my coworker walks in my office and tells me she is going home.  I came into work today at noon because I was up most of the night sick to my stomach.  What did I learn?  I learned that if everyone else gets to be sick today so should I!  WTH???????

I do not understand the selfish rude behavior that my coworker exemplifies!  She isn't a mean person per-se, if she was I wouldn't put up with it. but I do not understand how she thinks that some of the things she says/does are ok!

She is flat out mean to her roommate.  And extremely demanding.   Her roommate is a good friend of mine.  We will be out at the dog park or getting ice cream and my coworker will call and ask her to pick up milk or toilet paper or whatever.  Not a big deal every now and then but it is constant.  My friend will be home with nothing exciting to do and the coworker will give her a laundry list of chores--chores I might add that my coworker won't do or neglects until my friend does them like emptying the dishwasher.

My friend is dating a really nice guy.  I like him a lot and enjoy hanging out with him.  I think he and hubby will get along well too.  They are pretty serious and she has said on more than one occasion that she would not be surprised if they end up married.  He makes her super happy and you can tell when he is around she is less stressed.  These are things I want my friends to experience.  I want my friends to be happy!  Last night my coworker told my friend she doesn't like the BF being around all the time because he makes my friend "too happy."  What?!?!?!?! excuse me, how can someone be too happy!   Jealous much!!!

I am biting my tongue because it is none of my business and it would be out of place for me to tell my coworker she is wrong when this isn't happening in front of me but God help her if it does happen when I am in the room.  Am I out of place for telling my friend that she deserves to be treated nicer and that she needs to try and find a place she can live without the coworker when their lease is up?  I have actually thought about sharing an apartment with her but since I don't have hubby's orders yet/know where I will be a year from now I don't want to leave her without a roommate before she is ready to be :( 

Sorry about that I just really needed to vent.  Normally I vent to the hubby but since he isn't here the blogger world is getting it.  I have scheduled this post to publish while I should be at dinner celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the two of them, if the coworker even comes, hopefully venting to the blogosphere will help me keep my mouth shut if necessary.

Tomorrow is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Please feel free to shower me with gifts or send me flowers :)  Or if you think I'm a little self absorbed and self righteous and don't deserve that many gifts and flowers :(  at the very lease try to show appreciation to the milspouses around you--even if you are one, thank your friends for their service as well.

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