Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BooHoo and a HooYah

Well it's a day late but I plead traffic! Last night I left Louisville to get to Atlanta before 10PM and made it here around 12:30 AM.  The traffic was horrible!  If you don't know Mrs. Monkey you should go check out her blog.  She had such a great idea coming up with the BooHoo and HooYah idea.  The idea is each week you post a boohoo and a hooyah about your week.  One bad and one good thing!

Here it goes:
BooHoo--Hubby can't talk on the phone, after hearing his voice all weekend I really would like to hear it more.
HooYah--Hubby and text whenever he is in his room so I get to "talk" to him all the time.

I hope everyone elses BooHoo is as silly as mine this week :)


Mrs. Monkey said...

Thanks for linking up!

I know it's his voice that I miss the most, too! Hope you get to actually talk to him again soon!

Julie said...

That is great you get to text to him a lot but I totally understand about missing his voice too.