Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quit your night job...please!!!

Hubby got a new job to hold us over until he goes off to basic training/Navy world. He works 3rd shift currently and it was getting to be a real pain in my ass. Luckily a friend of his sister needs some help days and can promise enough money that we will have to cut minimal corners to survive comfortably for the next few months until he leaves. The best part is my husband will be in bed with me at night,  working days, and since it's only part time he has agreed to be a partial housewife which means that I won't have to do dishes, dust, mop, clean the bathroom (ok I’ll still do that one b/c I don't think he does a good enough job) or any other house work that I am currently trying to cram into my obnoxious schedule...All I have to worry about is work and school and loving my husband and puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally worth the temporary pay cut. It's not like we were used to having a combined income yet anyway and I make enough to cover all of the bills, his money is just for food and fun and we can still have plenty to eat and go out with less! :)

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