Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Award :)

I apologize for going MIA for the past week.  Unfortunatly, those stupid allergies from the great Ohio River Valley decided to take hold in my chest and refused to give up with out a fight.  They quickly turned into a killer cold that then turned into a 103degree fever and Bronchitis on Sunday.  So after 3 days on antibiotics I'm back to work and should be back to 100% by the end of the week.

That being said I have done nothing but sleep and watch tv for the last three days and am terribly behind on keeping up with everyone elses blogs and that silly nusiance called work.  But I wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and (almost) well and did not in fact turn into a pig.  (For the record if you can avoid having a flu test do so by all means!  It is horrible they stick this Qtip thing up your nose and try to take brain scrapings I swear!)

On a lighter note special thanks to Bethany at Army Wife in Training for awarding me the "one lovely blog award"  seeing it was a bit of sunshine to my day!  Bethany's blog is a very fun read and it sounds like she has some great wedding plans in the making.  I wish you and your officer the best!

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