Monday, October 26, 2009

New Bed and Clean Room!!!

Hubs and I had a very productive weekend! 
Saturday we went to Huber's and bought cheese and had pumpking ice cream.  We decided to pass on the wine this trip, its a good excuse to go back!  After Huber's we went to eat at a local seafood house and had yummy fish for lunch.  After lunch we decided to piddle around Southern Indiana because we wanted to go watch Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in 3D which was awesome!  But the theater in Souther Indiana has free refills on cokes and popcorn as well as serving Coke products which I prefer whereas the ones in Louisville are all cheap asses and serve pepsi (yuck!)
SO--after lunch we went to Big Lots and wondered around then we went to a mattress store next door just to look around and figure out how much we need to save before New Years since we had decided to get a new mattress for Christmas.  We decided to go ahead and get the mattress we fell in love with since it was on sale and it was delivered this morning at 9 am :)  Izzy is confused though because we agreed to a no more puppy in the bed rule...lets see how long this she cant even go in the bedroom now...

Sunday we cleaned the guest room and now all of our wedding presents are sorted and put away.  I need to go to Target and JC Penny's to return dupicates and we are going to start on the Thank Yous this week hopefully I'll be able to get them all out by mid-November.  I had all of the ones for presents we recieved before the wedding in the mail before we left for San Antonio so I"m feeling kind of guilty that these aren't out yet!

Last night I decided to make myself a vanilla steamer and spilled the milk on my hand now there is a blister on my ring finger so I'm having to wear my wedding band on the right hand... Reason number 86789464084604 not to soder rings together...I wouldn't be able to fit the full set on my right hand since it's a little bigger than my left and if the blister keeps going down I can wear one of my bands on the Left hand by the end of the day hopefully but I know I wouldn't be able to wear the full set b/c it would go over the blister.

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