Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Floors

This is amazing so I have to share.

I want hardwood floors. I need a new kitchen floor and the carpet in my living room is ruined b/c my ex-roommates evil dog decided it was the potty. I bought new flooring for the kitchen and have started tearing up the floors that are in there so that I can lay the new laminate...I also went Sunday and bought the laminate boards similar to these

Sunday night I was pulling the floor in the kitchen up and took up the little bar that connects the vinyl kitchen floor to the carpet in the living room...There is hardwood under my carpet! So yesterday I returned the laminate I bought and when I am off work for Christmas we are going to pull up the carpet in the living room and bedrooms and refinish my BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors (ok, so they probably aren't beautiful yet, but they will be after we refinish them!) I’m hoping to have the new tile down in the kitchen by Saturday but I'm pretty sure it will be next week.

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