Thursday, June 16, 2016

The endless cycle

Today I had a doctors appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist to prepare for an IUI.  So far this month I have taken a pill to stimulate follicle growth (Femera) then when I stopped taking the Femera started another pill to stimulate growth of my uterine lining (Estrodril) these two medications work against one another so they can't be taken at the same time.  Apparently the Femera didn't do its job quickly enough so now tomorrow I get to go off the Estrodril and restart the Femera....all these synthetic hormones being put into my body are starting to really jack with me and I'm starting to really understand the weight gain that comes with these treatments.  So far I have been able to stave off the worst of it, I've gained a couple of pounds during treatment but been able to lose them before starting the next cycle ... But with each progressive cycle it's getting harder to loose the weight and I'm convinced I'm going to have to start making a more concentrated effort if I want to avoid regaining the weight I lost last year before we started the treatments.  

So since my 31 birthday is a little over a month away I'm going to steal an idea from a friend of mine and commit to 31 workouts before my birthday.  I'm hoping that adding a more regular workout schedule will help me keep off unnecessary weight and keep me on this healthy path. 

I'm also going to have to fight off my sugar cravings a little better ... But that is a whole different battle.  

Wish me luck!!! 

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